New 405th Game Night


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Im down for a gamenight sometime.


ill try and keep checking this to see when you guys are having one lol

Caboose vs Grif

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Hey does anyone want to play reach?...Maybe infected gametype. My gamertag is Bamboozle77. Please respond because I have nothing better to do :)

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Between my son & me we're on a lot.
GT: ki1l ki1l ki1l

if u send a friend request just mention 405th
Maybe we should have our own 405th clan?


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I'd be down to clan it up! But I don't think I'd be willing to pay for the namechange..

Anyways guys, I'm currently NashKurlz on there, I'll try and remember to include a message, but if I don't, then remember meeeeee!

Wouldn't it be weird if two of us teamed up and realized they'd muted each other for in-game fighting? I see so many spats and arguments and annoying people on there, I just wonder if the laws of probability will bring us back together.


I play a little bit more on the competitive side of Halo, primarily MLG and Team Slayer but Id love a few of you on my friends list. My gamer tag is Define Luck:cool


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im up for a game night. i just cant play on spire. my disc doesnt work right. also my gamertag is. ShaiyaOwns and if u send a friend me say "im from the 405th"


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Hey Guys, I'm all up for a game night, Custom games on reach too? Nothing to complex stuff like Bumper cars n such things....

On Xbox I'm TestSubjectQWTD

**EDIT** Just realised what time these messages were posted maybe we can set up some sort of weekly- Monthly game night thing....


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hey!, guess ive just missed this one, but would love to join in next time around,

on live im "TehRozi"


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I think there's something up with matchmaking or something? Because we haven't been able to connect to a single game yet...