New 405th Game Night


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yeah me neither, here I was trying to brush up on my sKiLlZ too. You guys wanna invite me, cuz I'm starting to get bored :p Darkheart748. Messaged you Hyo!


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Yeah that was pretty gay.... Fu**ing servers were down so we couldn't get into any games and ****....

Yeah my xbox froze right at the end there too..... Was trying to say "let's try again for tomorrow maybe" but yeah, it froze and ****... Totally a lame halo night tonight. :p


ya so thank everyone for the 3rd 4th and 5th game of ctf ive played EVER...
oh and for the ass kicking i endured through it.
appreciate it :p


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was still fun, and i do apoligise for my lack of mic... i'll pick a new one up tomorrow, seems it was fried...


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I'm on now. GT: Macattack64

I'll host matchmaking games. If you care to join just send me a friend request. I'll make sure I have room.


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Was gonna jump on again tonight, but just got home from field hockey and I actually have to go to bed now for work tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow night.


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Ok... Hopefully the gay 343 servers are working again.... Let's try this game night again... On now, if you're on my friends list already, gimme a poke. If not, send me a message (because my list is full again right now and I'm far too lazy to go through that **** again at the moment.)

GT: Hyokenseisou