New Odst Armor Started


City Static said:
I'm just curious... what did you scale the helmet as? I saw it on Adam and it looks like a perfect fit.

I used NZ-TK's as it came. 29 cm height I think.

Skullcandy Girl said:
HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Yeah, I channeled my Cha-Ching Chakra for ya rube hahahahahah!

Cotoure, shoes, or ODST pieces... haha this is why so many girls don't do propping!!!

There's a Chakra for Cha-Ching? Damn, I need to go see about an alignment. They've been holding out on me!
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Don Konsa

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i understand...but you use ropes or belts? for a legs for example?or for a pelvis of halo armon???dude thancks... :lol  

Skullcandy Girl

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Noooooooo not the blinking Disco beds!! Hahahaha, spin dem bishes into alignment XP PLAH!! (Yes, I watch too much Penn and Teller B.S....


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Don Konsa said:
i understand...but you use ropes or belts? for a legs for example?or for a pelvis of halo armon???dude thancks... :lol  
I think you should review a few of the Undersuit tutorials, usually the leg pieces are suspended from nylon straps hanging from a web belt disguised as the pelvis piece and strapped onto the body if you look in the noob section you'll be good to go.

skullcandy, you're a Tanya Fan aren't you?
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Xtreme TACTICS 101

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Rube, this is simply awesome.

Every time I read this thread, I get this huge push of encouragement and it gets me working on my ODST costume. And every time I see that helmet I keep thinking "Im going to be there soon. I just hope I can hold a candle to Rube." Rube, you are a true insperation to us all. The work you do, along with your superior molding and casting skills makes one hell of a equasion that sums up as complete awesomeness. You have the talent that we all, as the 405th costuming community wish to have. Althouth some of us do have it, you are the fuel that keeps us going.

Once again Rube, awesome work. And I owe you a cookie when your finished the whole costume.

Hey Rube, one quick question. I noticed that you were making the shoulder straps from urethane foam. I was just wondering what your reasoning was for this. In the following photo they look like they are made out of 3"wide cordura with closed cell foam inside, and then for strength they have a 1" strip of webbing down the middle. Its kinda like giant Eagle industries RRV straps.

Im not questioning it, just wondering what made you decide that, maybe im missing something from the pictures.



Not really doing the WETA version. More like in game where they appear to be solid. I think I've changed my mind anyway about using separate straps. I'll just sculpt them onto the neck/back armor since they really don't need to be flexible.
Ah I see, I didn't realize they were different in the game. I think im going to run a couple of the straps off in material to see how they go just cause i have it all anyways. If you want some, let me know. Im pretty sure they are about 3" wide, but if you have any more input, let me know :D.