NFS 3 Halo gun props :P


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Alrighty folks up for grabs are 3 one of a kind Halo gun props. It took about 20 mins to build and another 2 months to add in the details. The thing that makes them so special is that they can also be configured to acutally fire REAL ammunition!


You'd be crazy not buy one of these. Show them off at comic con or any of the other great conventions! Another great feature is our award-winning Robber-Be-Gone technoloy! It is able to to keep those pesky robbers away with alarming efficiency!

So c'mon and get one while you can! We only have a limited quantity of 3.

Here are the specs.
*780 FPS
*Grenade launcher and feul canister comes standard.
*Robber-Be-Gone Tech is also standard.
*Special ammunition shapped like squares and bones are available at our warehouse.

Here is what can be achieved when you add our upgrades


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HAHA!! Glad you guys liked the pics. I was cleaning up their area when that picture hit me like a ton of bricks.

I can't afford a weapon of this caliber
If you make around $1,800 you can! These are VERY afforable!

Could I get extended capacity and Danger close on my fuel canister?
Sir, we have HUNDREDS of upgrades available! Take your pick!

Wait a minute... What exactly thing serve as a trigger?
These models are bolt-action. You just grab both feet pull back until bark and let one rip!

@ Pipinacan: Dude, you look like Shia L'bouf (Spelling?)!



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Lol hey, actually you're not the first person to say that, but i haven't really heard that since the movie, "Holes" came out

Sean Anwalt

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I'll add another vote to the stack. This is just the thread I needed, Awesome in every way. Can I get one in .50 BMG?


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