ODST Build 1: The Journey Begins


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Ok so while I wait for my magnets to arrive, I fussed around with my printer a whole bunch and got it back to production functionality. After 5 ish failed prints I finally got the SMG sight to print at a quality I can work with.

PXL_20210624_234012828.jpg PXL_20210624_234009578.jpg

I do not know why the print has these burrs on it? They fall right off and don't seem to be an issue but does anyone know what they are and why they happened?

Also, I finished printing the barrel/suppressor. It needs a little sanding to fit together perfectly but I think it will work fine.

PXL_20210624_233958135.jpg PXL_20210624_233953771.jpg

The left thigh us fiberglassed and ready for bondo it looks basically the same tho so no pics. The right thigh is basically pepped. I just need the magnets to arrive so I can pep them into the pattern. The chest base layer is still being bondo and sanded. And I did a little seam filling on the pistol. I sprayed a layer of filler primer to see how I did. It looks ok but there are still some pretty big seams to fill.


I think thats it tho...

Edit: forgot to add the pics of the burrs on the sight print.

PXL_20210623_212144336.jpg PXL_20210623_174052709.jpg
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I do not know why the print has these burrs on it? They fall right off and don't seem to be an issue but does anyone know what they are and why they happened?
It could be an issue to do with one of the X or Y axis? Perhaps the belts need to be tightened or are too tight. To me, it looks like the extruder is coming out further past the piece then it should be, adding material to spots where it shouldn't.


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It could be an issue to do with one of the X or Y axis? Perhaps the belts need to be tightened or are too tight. To me, it looks like the extruder is coming out further past the piece then it should be, adding material to spots where it shouldn't.
Thanks I will do some fiddling with my belts. I didn't know they could be too tight... That seems like a problem I am going to have as I tend to tighten things too much.

Also, I just spent 3 hours unfolding the shin armor and god help me that piece is going to be a pain to pep! I didnt realize the shins were so detailed!


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Okey dokey. I didn't have much time to work last week or the week before but I do have some updates!

Chest base layer, I have been neglecting bc it's just sanding and boring and loud. I will get to it soon I promise.

Left thigh is ready for paint! I love it. I haven't started painting yet bc I'm not sure if I'ma include some blue on parts of it. My question now is how much does secondary color placement affect tiers for deployment? Like if I add a blue stripe somewhere where there isn't one on any known game image is that going to negatively affect my tier? I have already gotten a little creative with my blue on the shoulders but I'm hesitant to do too much custom painting if it's going to take away from my tier rating. Though, I'm not doing a camo pattern so maybe my tier is already shot? Idk. Looking at regiment people for answers on that.

PXL_20210709_004502594.jpg PXL_20210709_004459854.jpg

The magnets came in for my right thigh and they are awesome. A little too awesome maybe but I'ma still try. They are crazy strong but nice and small still. I fabricated these little pouches out of cardstock with which I can incorporate the magnets into the resin and fiberglass process for the piece. Hopefully that will secure them well enough.

PXL_20210628_135802679.jpg PXL_20210710_001914434.jpg PXL_20210710_001917978.jpg

My issue right now is that if I put them close enough to fit inside those little cutouts they repel each other (or attract each other) and they don't really want to stay put. I think I'ma have to print a bracket or something to hold them next to each other while I resin and fiberglass them in place. So that's a ways out still. I remain hopeful tho and excited for this step bc it's very much something I have no experience with and I'm excited to problem solve my way through it.

No progress recently on the SMG.

I did do some work on the pistol tho. While sanding some bondo the barrel popped off. Apparently the gluing I did was not very strong. So I reattached it and it's now a little off from where it was but it's still usable. One day I may print a better version but that's a project for later. Anyway been sanding and filling and bondoing and whatnot on that.

I think that's all tho. I'm fairly certain that I'm not going to meet my goal of finishing this project before PA school starts in August, but that's ok.. my new goal is to have everything pepped and ready for hardening by PA school. Only got shins and boots left. Unfortunately the unfold of the shins is crashing my laptop and armored garage hasn't answered my emails yet so that might be a while still.


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So, the magnet problem from the previous post happened because I was seeing if I could get the magnets to sit in the square cutouts on the thigh piece. When they are that close to each other, they repel each other pretty strongly. I was considering using a 3d printed brace kind of to keep the magnets at the right spacing until resin and fiberglass can dry and hopefully hold everything in place. This theory was almost working when the forces actually flipped one magnet (this making it attract to the first) and they snapped together.

To deal with this, I decided to install the magnets separately. So, I got one in place with my make shift enclosure to secure the magnet direct into the piece. I then started applying resin to harden. I skipped a decent radius around the second hole however. My plan is to basically resin and fiberglass everywhere except that one area - thus securing the magnet in place. Then I will install the second magnet and resin/fiberglass the remaining area in a hope to hold it in place. Once all is said and done both magnets should be secured in the piece and good to go. This will be a significant learning process tho. I actually did not take any pics of this yet but I will eventually.

Also, the chest base layer is ready for paint. I ran out of white primer but otherwise it's good to go.

Exciting stuff! I will try to update with pics when I get home tonight.


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Kinda got distracted. Ok pics of the thigh:

PXL_20210720_135953388.jpg PXL_20210720_135947729.jpg

Had to fix a little tear with some painters tape. I have done this before and it hardens with the resin no problem so It will be fine. First magnet is fiberglassed and installed. Unfortunately, I am out of fiberglass mat so I'ma have to wait a bit until I get paid again to buy some more. (already spent this week's budget on sandpaper and some stuff for other house projects).

Also (while on the topic of thighs), I wanted to make my thighs more interesting but adding some of my secondary color. Since the game images from H3 ODST all use that camo pattern, I was struggling to find any reference for approved color on the thighs. I did, however, find this image on the Halo wiki.


It has a blue stripe on the thigh pieces. Since this is from the wiki I'm going to consider it canon even though it's clearly not a game image. If I am wrong in this, please someone let me know. I really like the idea of adding some blue to my thighs so I'm going to move forward with adding a stripe to my thigh pieces.
The chest base layer is now silver, tho, I do not really like this brand of paint for silver. I goes on thick to look full and then drips as it dries. So some sanding is coming and repainting. Once the can is empty, I'm going to not buy this again.


I also figured out where the magnets are going to have to go in the SOCOM to line up with the magnets in my thigh. I cut the first hole and rondo'd some magnets in place. Unfortunately, the cutting process resulted in one of my glue seems coming apart.
But since I was gonna do a batch of rondo anyway I just reglued it with some excess rondo.

PXL_20210720_133230842.jpg PXL_20210720_133700461.jpg PXL_20210720_134148807.jpg PXL_20210720_134201496.jpg PXL_20210720_135932706.jpg
The bean bag is weighting down the seem while it dries and the magnets on the left are holding the right magnets in the rondo with a little pressure. I have high hopes for this process. The magnets reach for each other pretty strongly but, hopefully, a little bondo over the pistol magnets will be enough to keep them from pulling out of the pistol. I just have to make sure I pull it off by sliding down rather than out.

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