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Jimmy Da Moose

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Hey everyone, its been a while since I've been on the 405th!

I moved from Pgh to LA around 5 years ago to pursue a career in prop making (successfully, I might add!), but I left my ODST armor back home, due to the tiny apartment I moved into, and to give me a reason to start other cosplay. Anyways, I haven't really done any Halo builds since then. Until now, that is!

Just a couple month ago I had someone find my original ODST glove build on my old tumblr, and message me on my etsy asking if I still have the mold. Fortunately, I had brought the molds with me, along with another Halo project I had in the works. Unfortunately, something heavy fell on one of them while they were in storage, leaving a large crease through it. On top of that, I made those gloves years ago, and they are not up to my standards now. I had 3D modeled the original gloves, printed them on my old FDM machine, cleaned them up and molded them.

Luckily, I still had the original model, and I had just invested in a Peopoly Phenom L. So I figured, why not re-make the gloves, and solve some of the problems of the originals?

Old gloves.jpg

My biggest problem with the originals, is that I didn't take into account the glove thickness when patterned them on my hand, so it ended up creating a gap where the gloves are supposed to come together.


While my new printer is much larger, and could've easily fit the full glove, they were split in half to fit them on my old printer, and I no longer have the model with them combined. Though I modeled them myself years ago, I'm much better at scratch building parts than I am at 3d modeling. So my solution to add more material to the edges was simply to add styrene and spot putty the seams! I'm adding a lot of extra material to the sides, that way the can be trimmed to fit.


These resin printers really are amazing though. The parts just start off so, so much cleaner than my old FDM printer, and the fact that they're solid resin makes it feel like I'm sanding on a cast resin piece. I still put a a few days worth of free time into cleaning these up, but it was nothing like the originals.



Here's a comparison of the originals, versus how much sharper the details on the new gloves are.

And I got them in the mold today!

I'm currently debating the best material to cast them in. The originals where a Burman Industries product. I'm sorta hoping to keep it all smooth on, for sake of ease. I'm thinking of using Task 14, but Ure-Coat might be another good alterative.

Either way, I'm gonna get some castings this weekend!

Jimmy Da Moose

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The first castings!


The top casting is in UreCoat, the bottom is Task 14. The Task was much easier to cast, and is fairly flexible, however it's a little plastic-y. The UreCoat is much more flexible, but is more viscous, and the pot life is much shorter, so it's prone to air bubbles.

I cast a UreCoat pair this afternoon, but I have a feeling there's gonna be some bubbles. It's supposed to be able to be thinned with mineral spirits, but apparently you can't buy them in LA. I mixed a test with some acetone as a thinner, and it degassed really well, but I wont know if it cured right until tomorrow. Here's to hoping!


^The Task gloves. You can see there's way fewer air bubbles, but its just a little stiffer. It would still work, but I find the UreCoat feels nicer.


^The UreCoat. Either way, you can see the details are so much cleaner this time around! Plus, I love the fact they now wrap all the way around your hand.

These look amazing! Any plans to produce these for sale one you start the castings? I'd certainly be interested in being your first customer.

Thanks! I'm planning on putting them up on my Etsy at the end of the week!

Jimmy Da Moose

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And here's how the finished casting turned out!



It took me quite a few trials, but my most successful castings ended up being UreCoat thinned with 10 parts of acetone, de-gassed and brushed into the mold. There's still a few small bubbles in each casting, because the pot life of the UreCoat is pretty short. I really like the properties of the material though, so I think its worth the trade off. I could thin it further, but the urethane starts to get stiffer, and it really didn't get rid of any more bubbles.

And that's them! Since these were a commission, and I don't have my armor here in LA, I'm not going to do a finished pair for myself at the moment. I've got too many other projects going on, including some more Halo stuff soon!

I do have these available on my Etsy. It's been a while since I've been on the 405th, so I don't know if its uncool to post the link/ self promote. So if you're interested, you can always DM me.

Hein B287

looking mint dude, if you don't mind me asking. Why only three of those bulb things on the knuckles? seen it before but never understood why the pinky doesn't get the extra protection
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