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**Official** Gundam Pepakura File Thread

Discussion in 'Non-Halo Costumes and Props' started by Shadowshail, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. Shadowshail

    Shadowshail Member

    Gundam Pepakura File Thread

    Welcome Gundam Fans! This thread is for all the unfolded Gundam files ready to be made by you, the fans!

    For any of you out there that have files or are modeling any Gundams and wish to share there is a group of us here ready to unfold it for you if you want.

    All i ask is that this thread stay clean. We do have another thread dedicated to talking about fixes to models and chatting about the files before they get posted to the public here: 3D Gundam

    This thread will be dedicated to posting files that are ready to be made by the viewers so if you have any files and such please refer to the other thread linked above before posting.

    All files are not sized to a specific person. I averaged them out so you will have to re-size it to your body on every piece!

    Enjoy the files 405th!

    (Full Gundam file packets will be posted in this post. Pieces of Gundams will be be in a post by themselves until completed then moved to this post in the front for easy access)(Please also note that i am updating posts with new information constantly, so that means it may not show up as someone posting something new. Check up regularly to see if new pieces come out for the model you are going to make)

    RX-78NT-1 ALEX
    Model by YURI0510
    Slight changes made by ein385
    Unfolded by Shadowshail, ein385, and YURI0150


    (If there is any problems with any files please let me know as soon as you find them so i can get them fixed as soon as possible)
  2. fat hi555

    fat hi555 Member

    Cant wait, but i think you need to pm a mod to put the word official on a thread. Not really sure, but still pretty awesome :D
  3. Shadowshail

    Shadowshail Member

    Thanks fat-hi555...i didn't even think about that.

    Title changed and message sent to mod...
  4. spartan 087

    spartan 087 Member

    Any chance for a Zaku helmet from Gundam Seed Destiny hoping to be that for comic con next year just need to find a friend who would like to dress as Lacus for me.
  5. Shadowshail

    Shadowshail Member

    RX-78NT-1 ALEX Gundam:
    (Model by YURI0510)
    Please be aware that these files on this Gundam are all pretty much done. The ones i post in this post are the ones that needed touched up in the unfolding process.

    I also do not really have a set size for each of these models when i unfold them so please be aware of that when making.

    Files needed unfolding that are complete:

    HEAD (without details):








    LEFT: http://www.4shared.com/file/wTKN0v6v/LEFT_UP_FOOT.html
    RIGHT: http://www.4shared.com/file/jk-ZlyT7/RIGHT_UP_FOOT.html


    RIGHT KNEE (Edit 2/15/2011):


    _______________________________________________________EDIT 2/14/2011



    ___________________________________EDIT 2/15/2011___________





    This concludes all files that needed fixing for the RX-78NT-1 ALEX GUNDAM. I will be posting the full folder with all files in the first post soon. Stay tuned for more!
  6. Toacrabman

    Toacrabman Well-Known Member

    thank you, i have been waiting for someone to do this.
  7. ein385

    ein385 Jr Member

    I am working on the normal Zaku II but thats the only file we got. It does look similar you probably could make it look like it with some work. Personally I'm going to try and turn it into the Gouf Custom once I get it seperated and sent out to be unfolded. Although I'm extremly tempted to just do the RX-79NT-1 the job shadows been going on this one has just been amazing and I just keep coming back to it, but who knows I will see how trying to make the gouf comes out, no promises on that though.
  8. Shadowshail

    Shadowshail Member

    RX-78NT-1 ALEX GUNDAM finished. Link posted in first post.

    This post will be used for the next models progress reports. Check back in every now and then for more progress as it will not show as a new post in this thread until it is completed then i will post something new letting you know it is done and then that post will be used for the next one and so on and so forth...

  9. ka5p3r

    ka5p3r Well-Known Member

    ive got to say im not a big fan of gundam but this is awesome i may have to build me one of these helmets
  10. Jester1014

    Jester1014 Well-Known Member

    great work shadow, all around it looks fantastic... wait where are the Antenna for the Gundams head?
  11. ein385

    ein385 Jr Member

    Its in the head details pep file all he posted were the ones that needed to be peped or repeped but they all should be in the final pack.
  12. Shadowshail

    Shadowshail Member

    Thanks for the compliment but i did not do this alone, YURI0510 did the model and ein385 fixed it up a bit before i got to it for unfolding.

    Like ein said the details are in a seperate folder by themselves in the full packet located in the first post. In the beginning of the post about the ALEX i stated that the files posted there were only the ones i needed to touch up and re-unfold. Everything is in the final full folder.
  13. Jester1014

    Jester1014 Well-Known Member

    ah groovy then. I give it a check then. Gettin 3DMax today, so I'll be tryin to incorporate to the MS section.
  14. Tardismanox

    Tardismanox New Member

  15. polo289

    polo289 Jr Member

    Love the alex, working on the pep now.

    Also thanks for the Char Helmet and Zeta Pilot helm, cant ever have to much UC Gundam!
  16. polo289

    polo289 Jr Member

    I actually built the Alex head today, i like the quality vs time put in. Only thing I didn't do was scale it better, but It'll make a fun bookshelf item.
  17. Shadowshail

    Shadowshail Member

    Thanks for showing the progress! How did it work in putting it together? was it smooth enough?

    Looks awesome either way man!
  18. polo289

    polo289 Jr Member

    Yeah no issues except the indent pieces on the nose, a bit hard to make out the cuts so for now i left em out. Like I said i really enjoyed this build and was only annoyed at the logistics of gluing the Mohawk to the dome haha but no biggy.
    I plan to scale it down and rebuild so i can practically wear it then advance onto the rest of the armor. Love me some Alex gundam to much not to.
    Oh and this Helm was 10 hours print to finish for me
  19. polo289

    polo289 Jr Member

    So finished the scaled helmet, here is a side by side with the unscaled and a pic of me trying it on, perfect fit with room for accessories inside.

  20. ein385

    ein385 Jr Member

    That looks awesome. I also cant wait to do that flight helmet. I will hopfully get te rest of the RX-79(G) to Shadow so we can add one more to this post.
  21. polo289

    polo289 Jr Member

    RX-79(G) would be pretty cool, I had also read some rumblings about a Zaku II?

    As for the Alex head i just added the details also, gonna work on the arms top to bottom next then chest. Having to scale it before building is slowing me down a little lol.
  22. polo289

    polo289 Jr Member

    So just got done scaling the shoulder and its details, didn't quite realize that the entire pep wasn't scaled the same. Shoulder was no big deal though re pep once i figured it out haha. Here is a pic of the detailed helmet.

  23. Kalani

    Kalani New Member

    Just saw this thread and I would love to help out with 3D modeling. I've got some experience with 3D stuff. Anything I can help out with?
  24. polo289

    polo289 Jr Member

    Make a shield for the Alex would be my vote :p.

    On a serious note I've no idea, these guys made the pep I just found and started building it. The Alex is one of my favorite designs in all the Gundam universes
  25. Shadowshail

    Shadowshail Member

    Kalani, thanks for the offer. If you want to help refer to the first post of this thread and use the link to our chat thread for Gundam Files. We could use some more 3D guys for breaking up the files and fixing open edges.

    Polo289, Love the progress pics man! and im sorry about the sizing thing. I updated the first post with a little disclaimer saying none of the pieces are sized to anyone specifically. Hope that didn't cause you much trouble cause i know how sizing and re-doing can be a motive killer. Keep up the good work and i cant wait to see it done!

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