OK seriously?!?!?!


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We all know that Call of Duty Black Ops came out today. I really dont like Call of Duty (ruined me once, little less than a year ago i say one bad thing about MW2 and I got beaten by my FRIENDS and thrown in a dumpster)

Today there is time between 1st and 2nd period so I go talk to some friends in the other room. All I hear is "BLACK OPS BLACK OPS BLACK OPS!!!" So my friend comes up and says "OH MY GOD BLACK OPS CAME OUT ARE YOU GETTING IT?!?!?!?!?!?" I say, "No, and I dont intend to." Everything goes silent, and the kid says to me, "Get out of this room you n***r. Get the F*** out of this room n***r."

Why the hell should I both be called such a horrible word AND told to leave by a friend. The same thing happened later at recess, EVERYONE is talking about Black Ops and, yet again, yell at me for not liking it. I was excluded by all my friends from what they were doing because i dont like a FREAKING VIDEO GAME!!!!!!!!!!

At my school it seems that...
If you like CoD you are awesome
If you like CoD and Halo you are an OK dumbass
If you like Halo you are an idiot
If you dont like CoD you are a dead man to everyone

So this is Rhinoc saying...

And that is that


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Ya, happened to me but with FAMILY.
Exclude the beating up and dumpster.
My cousin is the biggest NERRRRD of CoD ever and he is considered "cool" at school just because of that. And all his friends go to cadets and are idiots. Though I think I'll enjoy the game. Looks awesome.


Similar thing happened to me by my friends to.
They said I was stupid, and that I sucked when I said I didn't like MW2.
Other than that call of duty the other ones are alright. Lucky my friends
didn't throw me into a dumpster. Any way I could over power them all or most.
Black ops looks alright to try so I will.


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If your friends throw you into a dumpster over a videogame they aren't exactly your friends.

Black ops looks like it may be the most balanced CoD yet.


happened to me a chemistry. we were working with hydrochloric acid no less. it didnt get violent, but there are a few CoD addicts in the room. wow, its just a freaking video game.

sonic sod

i hear you rhinoc my school is exactly the same people were taking the day off to play it i got my copy but i didnt like it was so funny telling people that it was rubbish and do they want to buy it


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Wow, dude I would have to say that those are not friend's. People like that really need help it is just sad. I mean I love video games but that is just ignorant.

Hugh Holder

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"People that annoy you."


I like both series. To be honest it's not the game that bothers me, it's the gaming community that gives into all of the hype that companies pump into their releases these days. They are starting to throw more money into marketing than making a good game..

Give it four more months and everyone will jump all over the next multi-player shooter they can tea-bag you in. The scene has gotten old :/

Play what you want, they'll just keep liking what they're told to.


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Exactly! I dont really like it because the people who play that I meet in say, matchmaking, you say one bad thing and they yell curses, team kill you, and threaten to stab you in your sleep!! (not anyone from here tho)

I used to really like the CoD series when it was about the game instead of the money! But now it is all about marketing...

Now to be honest, my little brother got the game and has almost played it non stop all weekend, it does look better than the others so I may consider playing it but i dunno.

The way I see it is that in the world of CoD matchmaking there are 4 kinds of people
- Ok people
- Modders
- Straight up jerks

That is that. Again I might play it but I really dont know...

noble 1

i like the CoD series but i LOVE halo,i guess because i played halo:ce the day it came out and only started playing CoD when MW2 came out. i rented black ops cause it had so much hype that i didn,t want to be stuck with a game that turned out to suck(and it did, worst CoD yet). all in all, most of my friends are halo nerds like me and only play CoD offline if at all. besides halo:reach can kick CoD's butt anytime


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I agree.......If they keep doing it, tell them "HALO AND COD ARE 2 DIFFERENT THINGS!!!!.....HALO IS STILL BETTER THOUGH!!!!".......One of my friend(Halo fan....he introduced halo to me) stuck to my other friend because he was talking about COD.....I pretty much hate one of my friend cuz he keeps BABBLING AT ME about how COD is better and when I try to say something, hes all like "hey, no shut up, COD is the best game yet!", I feel like slapping his face for it. He didn't even play Reach, just because it got more sales than Halo doesn't mean its better.....Halo was the most anticipated game.....now lets see-

Halo vs COD Black Ops

COD: Map packs to be bought
Halo: Forge world...AKA: the ultimate map pack(WIN)

COD: Customizable weapon
Halo: Customizable Character(WIN)

COD: Helicopters.....

COD: Ghost
Halo: Master Chief(PWNS ALL)

Now you decide.....which is better.