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Rogue helmet, and multiplayer build WIP (Pic Heavy)

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Mstruvmgc, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Mstruvmgc


    Hey guys and gals,

    Sorry it has taken so long for me to finally put this up but i have been having issues with my computer. It likes me today though so im taking advantage of it. Well here is my rogue helmet by NZ-TK i have been working on for the past week or two.

    Ok so here are all the pieces cut out ready to be put together.

    Here are some different views of the pepping process.

    And the completed pep without visor, and size test. Then one with visor
  2. Mstruvmgc


    Sorry for double post. lots of pics

    Now onto resin. Remember safety first.


    Ok and now this is where i am at so far. i just primed it Tuesday night.

    Well that is all i have for now. i hope to be able to work on it this week. I have work all week so we shall see. Sorry for so many pics but this is my first time doing this and i may have gotten carried away. lol Anyways thanks for looking ill keep updating when i have more :) later.

    P.S. the pics were taken with my phone so they are not best of quality. sorry lol
  3. Sgt Freezer

    Sgt Freezer Jr Member

    Very cool, its coming along nicely. Dont see to many Rouge's around here. I look forward to it being completed.
  4. Spitfire22V

    Spitfire22V Well-Known Member

    Looking good so far. :) Are you going to Bondo it to smooth out the blocky sides or just leave it as is?

    And your photos are very good, even for being taken with a phone! Most people who use their phones post very blurry and bright shots that you can barely see anything in. It's a small pet peeve of mine, especially in this day and age where dedicated digital cameras are usually cheaper than phones, and have way better quality! ;)

    One last thing:

    There's a BIG difference between "Rogue" and "Rouge". (I know you got it right in your first post, but the thread title is wrong).
  5. Mstruvmgc


    Thanks man, me too lol.

    I plan on bondoing it to smooth out some of it this week when i get time.Yeah i hate the blurry pictures too. Yeah i realized I spelled it wrong that after i started the thread lol. Thanks for the compliment btw :) Ill try to keep updated as much as possible.
  6. Shadow Of Intent

    Shadow Of Intent

    I'm not sure how many people know this... it doesn't say on google or in any forums, but you can rename your threads. Through about an hour's exploration of 405th, I found that if you double click the little label icon to the right of your thread name (In "Find all started threads" on your profile page), you can rename it. Mine said "JFO Helmwt WIP" which I have since corrected XD.
  7. Erikm1811

    Erikm1811 Member

    Very nice helmet so far. Looking forward to seeing your progress on this project.
  8. Mstruvmgc


    Sweet thanks lol ill be doing that now :)

    Thanks very much. After the helmet comes the armor muhahahaha lol
  9. Mstruvmgc


    Hey guys here an update. I have bondoed some of the outside and thought id share with ya. I will be sanding/ bondoing more if need be. I gotta say its actually harder than it looks. :)


    Small update folks. I started sanding and this is where i am so far. Tell me what you guys think. :) Sorry if cant see much detail. its still camera on phone.

    oh and i have a question to you all kinda. what instrument did you use to apply the bondo to the outside of the helmet?? i used a brush and it leaves a lot of gaps. Any tips would be wonderful :)


    Attached Files:

  10. foxleader


    not bad my friend not bad at all. hell my recon and EOC looks like you'res in some ways too.
  11. Ghost2375

    Ghost2375 New Member

    For spreading out the bondo you can use a putty tool. Kinda like a thin sheet of steel. Even a strong old credit card could do the trick!
  12. vulture pilot

    vulture pilot New Member

    =.= i tried the bondo thing and its really hard for me. if it becomes that way for u i recommend magic sculpt. its and apoxy clay that sets after two hours this way u can mend it to the way you want. a lot of pro s in the elite section of here use it as well thats where i found it. :] i myself tho used plasteline clay for my base to make a plastic one later.
  13. foxleader


    but isn't plasteline clay more then the apoxy clay?
  14. Pipinacan

    Pipinacan Well-Known Member

    use an old credit card, place the long edge down firmly on the helmet and drag the bondo to it's delicious smoothy places it needs to go! won't be perfectly smooth, but that's how you apply it
  15. SpartanRogue1


    Looking pretty good. Don't be too afraid to add more bondo, but just keep the layers thin. What are you using for sanding? Because a mouse sander makes life a lot easier. Just my $0.02, but otherwise its looking pretty great.
  16. Sutekhian

    Sutekhian Member

    I use a very, very fancy tool.... my hand ;) The bondo equivalent I use over here is an extra smooth version, it has the consistency of cream cheese, dries and hardens the same as normal bondo, but it is far easier to apply. I grab a wee bit in my hand, place it where I want then smooth it down with my fingers laid flat against the surface.

    I also use layers only a few mm thick usually and fairly smooth pep to start with :)
  17. foxleader


    sounds like me painting.
  18. costumer99

    costumer99 Member

    dude that is a very clean pep, ill probably do a rogue helmet too, but i also have trouble applying bondo but my 2 cents are you have to practice to get better, on your suit i bet your bondo will be awesome...cant wait to get updated
  19. vulture pilot

    vulture pilot New Member

    not sure but the clay i used is re usabel so i can rip it of and use it for another project later. but u want the firmness of the apoxy cuz this will definitly help make cleaner molds
  20. foxleader


    that's good to know.
  21. Mstruvmgc


    Hmmm ill have to look at this stuff. But ill probably keep using bondo for now since i have a whole container of it lol

    Well thanks man. I love the rogue, its what i run in Halo 3. Hence why i am making it :) and yeah i figure by the time i get done with my multiplayer suit i should be pretty good lol.

    Thanks for the compliment. And yeah i was thinking i should add a little more to see if i can smooth it out. To be honest i sanded all that by hand. My grandpa has an electric sander, i might ask him if i can borrow it :-D

    Ghost2375 and Pipinacan- Thanks for the great idea, i have some old library cards laying around i can use lol TY! :D

    You know Sute, i actually thought about using my hand lol. I might give it a shot. *shrugs* only one way to find out lol

    Thank you everyone who has posted so far. Ill have an update soon. You guys rock!! Keep building!
  22. Starvinartist80

    Starvinartist80 Well-Known Member

    I do exactly the same thing. It works as well or better than any tool I've run across.
  23. Mstruvmgc


    Hey guys no update today or this week. I have to add another layer of bondo to my helm and my work schedule is all messed up from people taking vacays. oh well :) Right now it looks like it was stuck in a fire for a long time and got burned so its not very smooth. Thanks to you guys for giving me some ideas about what to use to spread the bondo to make it more smooth, ill be doing that this evening hopefully :) Ill have an update soon i promise.
  24. foxleader


    that's what i said about i'm ghost and it's still on the back burner.
  25. Mstruvmgc


    lol well i am actually waiting to pick up a dremel this friday or saturday and then i should be good. Have to wait till then cause thats payday for me. Im hoping to fix my mistakes i made by putting to much bondo on the outside. :) Ill post pics this weekend, im at work not and cant sorry guys.

    UPDATE: Hey guys here are some pictures of me working on the helmet that i didn't realize my friend took, and also some i took of what certain areas look like that are kinda messed up. These are the areas that i will be working on this weekend when i buy my dremel. :)

    Here are a view of me sanding the helmet trying to fix some of the parts where i messed up. (yeah i know i forgot to put my mask on, oops)


    Now here are a few pics of some messed up areas. The reason i say they are messed up is because i applied my first layer of bondo with a brush and it left little indents on it making the helmet look like it was on fire or something. Now it did looks cool, but it was all over and waaaaaay to much so im in the process of fixing. Well here are the pics.

    This is the front, you can see what i was talking about around the nose section.

    See it more in the back

    This is the topish area.

    This is the top part of the back that i have sanded, its not perfect but its really good compared to what it was earlier. :)

    Well thats it for now. Ill be doing more work this weekend with my new toy. Comments are welcome :) Thanks guys and have a great day.

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