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Rogue helmet, and multiplayer build WIP (Pic Heavy)

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Mstruvmgc, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. foxleader


    okay that last one made me laugh. lol.
  2. Spartan_127

    Spartan_127 Well-Known Member

    All looks great. . . . Well played on the last pic explanation. LOL :p
  3. Mstruvmgc


    Thank you, feels good too lol. Thighs were the hardest by far.

    Yeah i had a feeling it would have that effect.

    Thank you :)..... and yeah i figured id put the disclaimer there otherwise someone would have said something lol
  4. PigBenis

    PigBenis Well-Known Member

    U r so close? hahahahhahaha dude i died after this pic and comment hahahhaha .... :')

    but seriously ... im proud of you and your work so far ... :) glad that it comes together and it looks pretty good ....
    GOOD WORK SPARTAN ! keep it up!
  5. Mstruvmgc


    LOL well glad you enjoyed the picture :)
    I will be heading to my grandparents today after work to finish up hardening the chest piece. Possibly start some paint work who knows.

    *salutes* yes sir! Spartan out! lol
  6. ajfromnj

    ajfromnj Jr Member

    Looks good man, sizing looks perfect. Looking forward to seeing it all painted up
  7. foxleader


    okay just remmber halo 4 is in like a week so try and get what you can before the big night, then just show up in your car with the armor on and step out and wave.
  8. Mstruvmgc


    Thanks man :) Now i just gotta strap the dang thing lol

    That would be great. Would be awesome to step out of the back of a van or something. Or a truck lol


    Ok guys small update with no pics. sorry, i have been busy and not had time to take any. So far i have everything primed and whatnot, now i am going to work on strapping, padding and then paint. Will be working on it every day untill the releas, so i should be done and have a wearable suit by next week. It wont be as awesome as i want but it will do.

    oh and my ab plate was super warped :-( so i wont have that for the release. Ill make a new one afterwards

    ta ta for now
  9. foxleader


    is the ab plate beyond saving? becasue some one use hot water and fixed a SMG that was warpped.
  10. Mstruvmgc


    Yeah it was pretty much trash, so ill just worry about it after the release. Oh well.


    UGH!! Sometimes I really hate people.... ok so I lost a day of armor work due to some A-HOLE that decided to break in and steal my tv. Luckily that's he only thing he took, I think my room mate spooked him or something because the culprit looked like he was in a hurry to leave. He/she pretty much grabbed the tv and ran with all the cords still attached. Which knocked over my xbox and other systems that were plugged in to the tv. And the power cord was found outside my balcony. What an idiot. Oh well, the cops are looking into it and hopefully find the person. They got a fresh finger print, let's hope its not mine lol. Also the insurance company sending me a check to get another tv so that works.... ok done ranting, sorry. On to a few pics.

    Here is a size test of the chest with helmet andstuff. Ill fix it later so u don't have to click the link. I am doing this from my phone.
    EDIT: pictures

    Well that's all for now, hopefully I will be finished by Monday night. Lesigh lol
  11. foxleader


    well at least he didn't find your mancave.
  12. Spartan_127

    Spartan_127 Well-Known Member

    First, Pics look good.

    Sorry to hear about the burglary, man. I deal with that stuff all the time at work. And what you're describing is an everyday occurrence where I work. Someone goes in, they grab what they can see that's not bolted down and run out with everything still attached. Sometimes it people that have been in your house before. Most times it's a drug addict that needs something for easy cash to support their habit. I hope you had your serial number for it wrote down somewhere so if it winds up at a pawn shop the police will be able to cross reference it to the pawn tickets and be able to enter it as a stolen article. Also, fingerprints can sometimes take a lot of time to get a hit on. . . even if it is yours. . . LOL! It's not like CSI. I don't know about Nevada, but in Texas it's an automatic 2nd Degree felony when someone commits a burglary of a habitation. Even if that habitation is a tent. LOL! I hope that they get something back on your stuff and find the person responsible.
  13. Mstruvmgc


    Thanks, i think the armor is coming together pretty well. Just wish i had time to do body work to it before the release, but oh well :)

    Yeah i had the serial number written down :) and i gave it to the cops and what not, so we shall see what happens. Im figuring it was probably a druggy or something. I doubt its someone i know that i have let into my apt lol. they are all to damn lazy and wouldnt climb the balcony lol.


    Ok well i have another little sizeing update.

    Here is the cod and thigh. i was testing the belt i will be using for the strapping.

    Thats all for now :)
    I probably wont be posting again untill after monday night. Hopefully the release goes well :)
  14. foxleader


    less then 24 hours remaining, time to lock stock and load it up.
  15. vshore100


    Maaaannnnn that makes me sick. I can't stand a thief. I just can't stand it. It makes my blood boil!!!!! However........I'm glad that no one was hurt and that's all he/she got. But hey, you do get to go shopping for a new one! The suit is coming along nicely M. I like how you did the straps for the chest. Keep it up buddy.:D
  16. foxleader


    okay so it looks like the didact has taken over, but this odst isn't going down with out swing.
  17. Starvinartist80

    Starvinartist80 Well-Known Member

    You are still cranking out some good work man. It's good to see this coming together so well.
  18. Mstruvmgc


    yeah tell me about it! oh well Karma will catch the culprit :) and yes indeed i do get to get a new one lol. Good thing black friday is coming soon lol. Thanks very much, the suit isnt done 100% but it is totally wearable. I wore it to the release. :) But i have to take the pics off my grandmas camera first before i cant put them on here lol. So there will be pics coming shortly i promise. cant wait to see yours done :)

    good dont give up lol

    Thanks very much :) As stated above it is wearable but not 100% complete yet lol.
  19. ODST TJ92

    ODST TJ92 Jr Member

    I wish there were Rogue and Hayabusa in Reach, but no! They are my favourite Spartan helmets. :(
  20. Mstruvmgc


    I know right! lol



    Be warned there are a lot of pictures and im not posting all of them... lol The pictures following are of me and Vonwolf and my room mate that i made the Jun helmet for at the halo 4 midnight launch. :) It was a blast! My suit is not 100% but it was wearable for the event. I will be working on the stuff i need to fix after a short break lol. Ok now on to pictures!

    Me (red) and Vonwolf (green) getting dressed.


    Walking around, inside the store first then outside :)

    Its my foot! lol

    Ok next post....
  21. Mstruvmgc


    Post 2!

    More random shots
    IMG_0519.jpg aparently i like hitting people lol

    Gangdom style (it was requested)
    Then i hit him lol (sorry its a tad dark, aparently flash wasnt working)

    This was perfect, looks like i actually hit my buddy lol


    Next post... again lol
  22. Mstruvmgc


    OK last post lol

    Another request...and hit again lol.

    And one more hit just because he wasnt looking lol

    Thats not how you hold the gun batman...

    Last one

    and a video, if it works lol

    Ok so how do you make the pictures thumbnail size so they do not take up as much room??

    Hope you all enjoyed the view. There are still some things i need to fix like i said, but they will be later :)
    Ta Ta for now everyone. Keep building!
  23. foxleader


    looks like you had fun, as for me it rained and 600 people inside a game stop, me goosebot5000, and a new 405th guy where their and the DJ left so i had to crank my audio system up burn't out me speakers, power pack A burned out, but we had fun, the new guy only has i helmet done so far and i let him use one of my marine suits and it worked out. but next year i'm going to do something really big, anyone game on making a short film the same night as the game launch?
  24. Mstruvmgc


    Well FOX at least you had fun :)

    Ok I have a small update everyone. I painted some stuff that I didn't get a chance to the other day.

    Everything that is black is what I just did a little while ago while on break. Ill be painting the little circles on the tops of my boots tonight hopefully. We shall see :)
    Anyways, what do you guys think of the armor so far? Does it fit well? To me it felt pretty good :)
  25. Redshirt


    Love the game launch photos. The scene of you armoring up in a far corner of the parking lot pretty-well matched my experience. My costume required an assistant to help get dressed. It looks like you have enough range of motion to dress yourself. Like Foxleader, we had rain. I was nervy about my suit being composite cardboard, but it weathered the rain like a champ. Cool update.


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