Rogue helmet, and multiplayer build WIP (Pic Heavy)

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Mstruvmgc, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Spartan_127

    Spartan_127 Well-Known Member

    Looks like y'all had a blast. Suit looks good so far. Just needs your finishing touches, bur definitely looks good.

    As to how to make the thumbnail photos. . . . If you're using photobucket, you can view your album and just copy and paste the thumbnail link. That's on the old version of photobucket though. I don't like the new site they got up so I opted to stay with the older version. Hope this helps.
  2. foxleader


    what? i didn't even understand what he just said about photobucket.
  3. Mstruvmgc


    Thanks very much. Yeah I can get most of the suit on alone, but need assisstance with the shoulders and the padding for the forearm since I put that in after its on lol. I'm glad to hear your suit made it through the weather :)

    Yeah it was a lot of fun for sure, I felt so awesome lol.
    Thanks for the input with photo bucket, ill have to try that out.

    Lol its alright bud
  4. Carpathia


    Glad to hear that you had fun at the launch! And I know what you mean when you say you felt awesome! I felt that way too standing there in Game Stop. There's something to be said about having that anonymity while you're wearing a helmet; no one can see your face, so they just assume that you're a bad a$$ spartan; and with them believing that, it's easier to portray a bad a$$ spartan!

    Great job man. I can't wait to see the final touches!
  5. foxleader


    you could say the samething about ODST's even with out the armor i can make people beleive i'm a SEAL, but then they see me in the armor then their like **** the SEAL's, i fear this guy.
  6. Mstruvmgc


    I know right! And its great because you also catch people staring at you too lol. I had some people with there phones out looking at me like they wanted to take a pic but were not sure they should approach.
    As far as the final touches, I don't think there will be a whole lot for this build. Got some stuff to paint black so that it will pop more. Gotta fix my knife handle, and cut some stuff tofit better. :)

    Lol righteous :)
  7. PigBenis

    PigBenis Well-Known Member

    Oh man ! stop killing the chicks ... how are you supposed to make baby spartans if u kill all females on this planet... tztztz ! :p

    Nah srsly im glad u did it mate ... looks like u had alot of fun ;)

    congrats ! :)

    spes256 out
  8. Mstruvmgc


    Thanks man! Its not finished just yet, but soon.
    No way man she was a covie in disguise lol. Gotta save the ladies for sure.
    Yeah I had a blast, can't wait to do it again. I might do another photo shoot soon
  9. PigBenis

    PigBenis Well-Known Member

    Covies can disguise as female humas? how the heck they manage to hide their feet ? XD

    Yeeees ! rogue power more photos ! :D

    ofc a suit is never done... you cant finish it as long as u live theres always something to upgrade if u ask me :D same here for mine

    spes 256
  10. Octorock

    Octorock Member

    High heels make sense all of the sudden...
  11. foxleader


    well the rouge build isn't quite over yet halo 4 rouge helmet would look nice in here if you wanted to put it in here, plus what halo 4 weapon are you going to start on frist?
  12. PigBenis

    PigBenis Well-Known Member

    Damn... you are right ! :O
  13. Mstruvmgc


    LMAO no wonder i \have not been a big fan of high heels lol they are tricky shoes indeed.

    Eh the halo 4 helmet is alright. and ummmmm i dont know yet honestly. I probably wont work on halo 4 stuff for a while. Have other things i want to do :)
  14. ViperB77


    Dang dude! It has been forever since I have been on your thread, and I'm so used to just seeing your Rouge everywhere, seeing you in your armor was like... shit! He's real! Its not just a floating head!

    *calls off the exorcists*

    Good luck Mstruvmgc, I still like watching your thread man!
  15. DocDailey


    Bud you look like a beast in your armor. Nice job!!
  16. Mstruvmgc


    Lol thanks man, sorry i have been absent as of late. I have been super busy with all the holiday stuff. I hope to be able to fix some of the armor soon :)

    Thanks Doc, i felt like a beast thats for sure. It was a blast wearing it. I still have some stuff to fix before i can wear it again. but soon for sure :)
  17. drack


    Omg! Dude how have I missed all of this?!?!? I am subbed to your thread but not seen the suit anywhere close to finished. Great work bro, am well happy for you on completing it.
  18. Mstruvmgc


    lol well thanks buddy :) glad you like it.
    i am far from finished though. Still have some paint work to do. I might get back to work on it soon though now that things have calmed down after the holidays.
  19. foxleader


  20. Redshirt


    In your game launch photos, you are sporting a beautiful clean-looking assault rifle. I didn't see it being built anywhere else on the thread. What's its story?

  21. Mstruvmgc


    That is because i actually did not build that particular rifle. I built the pistol that are in some of the shots.
    The assault rifle i actually got from Ruze789, its one of Adams casts that he had. I do plan on building my own eventually, i want to add electronics to mine and because i like having stuff i built so i can show it off, and will probably donate the one from the pictures to a friend of mine who loves halo :) maybe for his bday or something.
    I also plan on building a weapon soonish, but im not going to say what it is yet :p
    so thats its story

    Also this thread is not dead, i have just been rather busy as of late. I still have a few things to fix before i can wear the armor again. But once they are fixed i will be trying to post more pics here :)
    Hope everyone is haveing a great year so far
  22. Redshirt


    Sorry for the long delay in replying. I think I accidentally cancelled some of my notifications. That is a beautiful rifle, though I do fully appreciate wanting to display only your own stuff (especially is it's epic). With the end finally in sight on my Spartan Laser, I'm looking for my next big Halo airsoft projects, but rather than do a weapon that is rare here, I'm looking to convert someone's outstanding cast. If that worked, I could actually manufacture a few. The assault rifle, DMR, and SMG are high on that list.

  23. Mstruvmgc


    Well you are indeed making an epic piece with that splazer lol. I still love reading the thread. i think using some righteous casts would work really well for airsoft guns. :) i look forward to more fun stuff from you. lol
  24. Mstruvmgc


    Just to give you all a heads up, i am going to be rebuilding my helmet. Mine was breaking a lot around the bottom and whatnot, so i took it apart. I blame the brute that hit me with the hammer :p lol jk
    ahem anyways, im not sure if i will start a new thread or just post in this one. we shall see :)

    take care
  25. Spartan_127

    Spartan_127 Well-Known Member

    Best of luck with the helmet rebuild. I'm sure it will turn out awesome.

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