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Hey, everyone! Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I am trying to put together a pamphlet to hand out at cons or events or what have you that gives brief information about the 405th and what we do. I've got a good thing going, but it lacks a certain, je ne se quoi. I believe pictures of people's costumes and props would just about fit the bill, but don't want to step on anyone's toes, so I thought to myself "why not make a thread where we as a community can post pictures that we can use for things like this?" So.... If you have a picture of a costume or prop you have made, and don't mind having it used, for example, in a pamphlet or on a poster behind a booth, or whatever, post it here! Just for clarification, I am not creating this thread for me, Sean Anwalt, but as an idea for anyone on the forum that might be interested.

NOTE: I have seen an incredible amount of work on this forum and I know there are other threads regarding posting pictures of artwork, and post your finished costume, and related activities, but what I'm going for is more along the lines of "I would like to show this picture in a public place, and want to cover my bases for all the pictures that I'm using."

I will also say that if you are going to use pictures from this thread, please give appropriate credit where credit is due. A small caption at the bottom saying this picture is "405th member at Comicon 2016" or something similar should suffice.
Oh, this is a great idea! I'm still new myself, so I don't have much to offer in the way of pics, but I love the concept. Good luck!
I like where you are going with this! If someone were to see a gallery with some of the work I have seen on this site I'm sure it would put a spark in potential recruits eyes! Good luck!
*Scours through loads of pictures to find jusssst the right one...*

Benton188 I love it! Christian Spartan with a Cape, and that rifle is smashing!

TurboCharizard that pic is absolute b@d@$$

The hall of honor is a great place to see what others have done, but I really feel strongly that just taking other people's photos and using them without their knowledge is a little unethical. I know I could send them a pm and ask for permission, but if I start a thread for this specific purpose, it makes me feel a lot better. Also, others could use the images here as well.

Not trying to cause hard feelings or anything like that, Just trying to cover a lot of bases.
You should also mention your photographer as long as you are giving permission to use the photo. Unless you know that person wouldn't care, like my roommate who takes photos of me just to be nice.
Sean Anwalt Thanks! But I'm not "Christian Spartan" I'm Spartan Qrow. A little cross over from Halo and the animated series RWBY. The character happens to wear a cross .
On a kind of related note I am Christian in religious standing, but that was not the influence here lol.

I'm sure you can get behind the concept of DEUS VULT or /r/trebuchetmemes.

If I could lob a Spartan accurately 300m I'd be so happy.
If I could lob a Spartan accurately 300m I'd be so happy.

Haha. Hahaha. Hahahahahaha! Ahahahahahahahahaha!!


My cousin builds trebuchets professionally for renaissance fairs.

That is a good idea to mention the photographer as well, thanks for the tip.
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