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I took all of today and made and resined slyfo's CQB. I'm going to use self hardening Bondo Glaze and see if I can get the same results Spase (Edited for respect! Hoo Rah!) got with his glaze. My plan B is to just use body filler again like I did with my old Mk V so I guess we'll see how it goes.

pics of it drying (foot for scale ;))



I scaled it to my BR helm so it will fit perfectly with a little padding.

Edit: It looks bigger because it is closer to the camera than the floor. It's only 26 cm tall.
Quick question, i'm thinking about making a CQB, however I haven't started for a few reasons, one being I'm not done with my MC suit, and two I was wondering. Does a HJC visor fit in there? (with cutting ofcourse) because it seemed like the CQB rounded off to the top quite a bit so the visor would be too short, what do you say on the matter?
Got it primered and glassed today. I'll get some pics up in a little bit.

The visor looks like it will fit when I compare it to my other helms. I'm going to need to draft up some sort of schematic for the double visor on it soonly.

Sanding and then the glaze moment of truth are next.

Edit: pictacular




The HJC should have no problems fitting that. Its pretty bendable and not really prone to breakage. Looks good Sigma.

I'll make one sometime, right now finishing whats left of resin.glassing of the chief, then I'm heading into my ODST project.
Nice so far... as a side note... Spase asks, is that your foot in the first picture? Are your toenails painted pink?... lol I am only giving you a hard time for putting that silly 'z' in my name making me sound like a kid all hopped up on Mountain Dew... Can't wait to see it smoothed.
Thanks everyone!

AoBfrost said:
Looks more like a shadow or a bruised big toe.

Or both... I dropped a couch on it the other day. Why do I help people move?

Spase-Check the first post again :whistle:
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Here is it's current status. Looks like I'm going to have to resort to mud since the self hardening stuff cracks even if it is pretty thin whil it dries.

Update Pics.




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