Sigma CQB helm

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LastSpartan said:
Might try this. What is the ratio? 1:1?

And which hardener you use?

RIP Sigma's Dremel ^^

I use just a bit more Body Filler than resin to make it a bit thicker but 1:1 is about right. Use a mixture of both the red cream hardener and the clear liquid hardener for a faster set or just the clear liquid for a longer set.

Spartan_025 said:
Quick question........Is their a Q.C.B. pep file out their?? Just wonderin i posted here cause it's a related topic.....anyways nice work dude

Yes, several in fact but the one I used is Slyfo's in his topic HERE Should be part of a pack in the first post.
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Sigma-LS said:
Thanks everyone! Here's another update. (Note: If you want to make mud that gives a little more working time, just use the resin catalyst. Works wonders.) I'll be adding most of the details once I have the whole thing smoothed.

I do plan to make it the same as my main suit, and also have the add-ons to make it a full CQB eventually. Thanks for asking!



Just one question though,
is it a little crooked? That last picture looks like it might be off, but it could just be the angle.
It looks really good, it's the first CQB helm i've seen be pulled off really good. Fine Job!
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Sure thing B&GProps I'll put you down for a cast when it's done.

UPDATE: Here's a short little vid of its current state I made last night.

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Awesome Helm. When you make Casts for your Final Helm. A little bit of heat from a heat should allow you to push and pull that helm so that distorted piece is better. That or a bit of trimming(of course i dunno how easy that is with Large resin pieces largest I've ever done is about the size of an action figure xwing's wing). :cautious:

Sigma-LS said:
Got it primered and glassed today. I'll get some pics up in a little bit.

The visor looks like it will fit when I compare it to my other helms. I'm going to need to draft up some sort of schematic for the double visor on it soonly.

Sanding and then the glaze moment of truth are next.

Edit: pictacular





on that first picture i looks like you just put the fiber glas inside of the helmit with out using resin
it turned out really well should i do that with my helmit
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Looks great so far, only thing I would suggest is perhaps consider cutting the chin down the centre and widening it a little, might help the slight warp on the left side. my CQB has the exact same warp on it.
Another Update. Man I've been on a roll the last few days. Too bad I have to start doing real work tomorrow. ;)

I think B&G's idea to fix the final piece will be the one I try when everything is done.



Ronster said:
Dude! That's the tits!
Soem of the best pep work I've ever seen.
Sigma, The helmet if it doesn't get to hot, looks like you will be able to move it into place, I was working in gimp and it wont really be a problem. :p

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That's a heavy compliment Ronster. Thanks!

A real stroke of good luck today after work. I was just fiddling with the helm and adding some spot glaze in places when I noticed that the brim still has enough give in it to shove back into place. I figure I'll tape it up in the right position and pour lots of resin in the brim to hold it in the correct position. I'll say it again LUCKY DAY!

Regular position

Add a little pressure
Last Update Before Christmas!

Introducing the straighter and more detailed CQB. It still needs a few more lines but it's getting close to finished.

Also finally made those round vents that go on top of the helm.

Thanks again for all the support everyone. I'm hoping to make my own first resin copy just after the new year. I'll start a new thread for when it's getting molded. Hope you like it!






Looks real good, better than mine (still paper.) The ridges on the left and right forehead could use a bit of touch-up, as could some of the other details. Looking very very nice so for though! Good job!
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