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Question: I have a friend that is interested in doing photography for us down at the Houston outpost. Do we have any contacts to see if he's eligible for a Media badge (if they exist for this event)? Would we be willing to give him a badge if he were to also volunteer time at the booth?
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For Outpost Chicago, who do we get ahold of if there’s any complications with the exhibitor passes?


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For Outpost Chicago, who do we get ahold of if there’s any complications with the exhibitor passes?
Exhibitor Passes will be at Will Call, under your name, I will be posting a thread in MidWest of my list of names that are being provided to Will Call, and Angela will most likely also cross post that list here. If you run into issues at at Will Call, contact me. Here, Facebook, or I will also be providing my phone number in the MidWest section.


Hey there! I know this is probably cutting it close, but is it too late to sign up my husband and I for volunteer work on Saturday of Houston? Also, my husband does not have an account on the 405th. Does he need to make one?


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Hey there! New to this whole experience, how do I sign up for shifts to volunteer?
On the first post in this thread there is a link to a Google Doc Sheet with different volunteer timeslots. Fill in your name and forum handle for three over the course of the weekend and your badge is free. Nice and simple.


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Morning all! So if you look at the spreadsheet now you might notice some changes. And there will be a few more. First, I've changed the "job" to all be booth shifts. The reason for this is that we've had to make changes over time and expect more changes and this is the easiest way to be fluid. Show up for your time and find where you are most needed. It's going to be obvious.

Firstly, we always want to be sure that the main information booth/crate area is manned. In most set ups, this allows you to also cover the repair table area. One, preferably two people should be doing this.

The next area is the photo op area - now that the area they built for us is inside the booth (it was on the outside in Orlando), this is the main area for photos understandably. The flags have become fancy decorations that people love to look at rather than a photo op and people love to take selfies in front of the 405th backdrop and our ship backdrop. Therefore, the one that needs staffing is the big photo op. Best case scenario is having 2 - 4 members in costume in the photo area, one person helping with line control, and one person helping to take photos with people's phones. Obviously, that isn't always possible, and in the case of no one being in costume, it isn't necessary to have line control or photo takers. Things also change a lot depending on what else is going on. When something big is on the main stage - like Steve and Jen's panel - you aren't going to have that many people in the booth. For the most part though, it will be steady.

I'd say 90% of the people or higher that are in costume at HOD are 405th members so that really is our priority to have people in gear as often as possible. Whether you're in the photo booth (obviously preferable) or wandering around, you are bringing life to HOD that the organizers LOVE us for!

We now have 3 shows under our belts and each time it's been different. The biggest change obviously was between Orlando and Philly when we were brought on to the show floor and the panels were moved to the booth area. Between Philly and Chicago, the booth size changed - it was much narrower - and Hazel and Owen - the 343i Spartans started using our change room instead of having them walk a loooong way to a meeting room. Due to the overall size of the booth in Chicago, the change room itself was small as it was in Orlando - but we had the addition of Hazel and Owen. This may happen in Houston so please everyone - stay away from their gear boxes. They are not ours to look at or to touch. Just like you wouldn't want someone looking at your stuff, please don't look/touch theirs. If they come in to the change room, keep in mind that they have to be exhausted so please do not bother them with questions. The people wearing the gear did not make it. If you have questions about the gear - talk to Sarah. She designed them and will be in the booth often. In Chicago, Sarah helped the situation by having them completely curtain off the rest area and changed that in to the 405th change room so Owen and Hazel were on their own. This wasn't because something happened but rather because it was difficult for everyone to have the space they needed and Sarah is just amazing at making sure that everyone is comfortable.

I can't stress this enough - if you are having an issue with something, anything at all - PLEASE TALK TO YOUR COMMAND STAFF. They can make the appropriate inquiries to help out. I don't want each of you running to find someone from Herschend or 343i. They have enough on their plates and are eager to assist us but let's make sure that we continue to keep the communication flowing through the command staff so it's just all coming from a couple of people in a controlled manner.

If you are helping out with set up - and this means if you have been asked specifically to help with set up - please don't just show up - you MUST listen to the person who is coordinating the set up. It goes super smoothly if everyone just listens and does what they are asked. In Houston, this will be Adam. What Adam says goes with respect to the booth set up. He's already done set up and tear down in Orlando so he is VERY familiar with how it's to be done.


By now most of you have seen the shirts that Herschend designed for us and BOUGHT FOR US. This was a gift to all of us for doing and continuing to do such a great job. The list for those shirts at the request of Herschend closed a week prior to the Chicago show and there will not be another run. If you signed up prior to that time and responded to requests for your name and shirt size, chances are there is a shirt for you in the crate for both Houston and Anaheim. If you signed up after the week prior to the Chicago show, I'm sorry but you will not have a shirt. I know it's sad to miss out but please keep in mind that these were gifts. They didn't owe us anything. I don't want to hear about people complaining that they didn't get one. And for the love of pete, do not ask any of the show staff about doing another run. Consider it a bonus to those who signed up early.


Sticky Toss, unfortunately, has been sidelined. For the most part it's just difficult to find a good location within the booth where the bombs rolling under the curtains won't trip someone up and cause them to fall. If you've signed up for that, don't worry, you'll be used somewhere in the booth - where ever happens to be busy at the time. It's super hard to tell until that day what traffic is going to be like so just go with the flow and check in with your POC (for Houston that's crackhead09 - Mark Pafford)


This have all changed and there is always the potential for a change on site. As of today the panels in Houston are as follows:

  • Meet the 405th: 3:15PM – 3:45PM
  • Armor 101: 4PM-5PM
  • Meet the 405th: 11AM – 11:30AM
  • Armor 101: 11:45AM – 12:45PM
  • Meet the 405th: 1:30PM – 2PM
  • Armor 101: 2:15PM – 3:15PM
This are all held IN the booth area. Other panels will also happen there - all community panels. The main stage will be where the big panels are.

I have updated the schedule. If you are one of the people ON a panel - have a look at your booth shifts and make sure they don't overlap. You don't need to worry about time to get to the panel since it's in the same area, however, make sure you consider whether or not you need to eat/drink or use the washroom and allow yourself time to do that and get back to the panel before start time.


Also note, the costume contest has been happening an hour earlier than originally scheduled (starting at 6 rather than 7). If you are going to be IN the costume contest please make sure that you are aware that you will be needed for contest stuff during the day and to schedule yourself accordingly. You will need to sign up for a pre-judge time. You'll sign up for this on Saturday once Sarah brings the sign up sheets to the booth. They typically start at 3:00 and only take about 5 minutes. You'll need to be in your gear for this. Then you'll need to be in your gear and ready to go at 5:30. Sarah will be organizing all of you to get you lined up to go on stage. Just listen carefully to her instructions.

If you are NOT in the contest please sign up to watch the booth while everyone else is gone. I know, I know, the least glamorous of all jobs to be left behind BUT it needs to be done by at least 2 people. If you've signed up to be in the booth in costume during that time, there won't be anyone there to take photos with you more than likely so it would be most helpful if you were out of gear and able to help out with the info booth area.


If you are able to help out by bringing bottled water, that would be amazing but talk to Mark (crackhead09) to see if it's necessary. We want to both make sure that there is enough water for 405th members but not so much that we could open our own booth selling it.

And please, please, PLEASE throw out your water bottles! There are lots of recycle bins around. Don't leave it for someone else to do. It very quickly gets out of hand and the last thing we want is someones gear box getting water knocked over in to it. Help out by throwing out others you see lying around, especially at the end of each day so they room doesn't look like a giant recycle bin.


I know this is a touchy subject but trust me, it's worse to have to talk about in person. It's easy for any of us to get really hot and stop smelling as fresh as a daisy. This con has VERY long days and it's easy to forget that maybe we should freshen up from time to time, especially after being in our gear. I know the desire is to do everything super quick so you don't miss out on anything but not only is it unpleasant for your 405th family, it also is unpleasant to members of the public if we all smell like hockey. And when that change room smells like hockey? The whole booth has the potential to smell that way. Not exactly the best foot to put forward. So please, we all sweat, we all stink, take appropriate steps to minimize this, which does not include stinking up the change room with shower in a can. Air out your gear over night. Wash your undersuit if you are able in your hotel tub. Bring deodorant. Give yourself a quick birdbath in the bathroom with baby wipes. Whatever you gotta do to keep the hockey stank from settling in. We all have a roll to play in this so please help out.


Food is pricey, just like at any convention, so if you can bring your own, I would highly recommend it. We've got the change room for you to store your stuff so it's easy enough to grab and find a place to eat. Lots of people forget to eat because of the excitement. Or just eat a lot of crap. Both of which will make you feel like garbage come Sunday. So consider bringing stuff you can snack on that will keep you going.


There MAY from time to time be fun opportunities for members. They will happen quickly and they will involve whoever is able to be in armor at that moment. That means that some of you will miss those opportunities. Staff will always do their best if they know in advance to tell everyone to be in their armor at a certain time, but just know that if you are gone for several hours doing HOD stuff, they aren't going to come looking for you just to let you know. So please, don't be angry when you come back and find out that you've missed something. And once in awhile they literally will just come to the booth and ask for anyone in armor to come with them. It is impossible to do all the things all the time so just enjoy that the 405th has reached a stage where we are so heavily involved in these great events and be happy that some of your 405th family got to do a fun thing.


There will be dogs with handlers - usually two teams of two - on site all the time. The Golden Lab is the only one at all shows. His name is Otto. Otto loves scrubbies but be sure to ask the handler first. Otto also likes to drive the Warthog. Who knew?


You will find staff in the booth allllll the time. They love to chat with us. Sometimes they are obvious because they are wearing HOD (or even 405th HOD!!) logo'd stuff, but other times they are people in suits. They will often tell you thank you for doing what we do and how great we are. They LOVE the flags and the LOVE the 405th logo backdrop. They will poke their head in the change room. They will come around several times a day. Enjoy being appreciated! And be sure to tell them how much we appreciate everything they have done for us! If they happen to have a specific question about something, be sure to steer them towards a member of the Regiment Staff, please don't just guess at the answer. Especially if they come looking for people for those fun opportunities I mentioned. It's important that they organize those things with the staff whenever possible. Sarah Campbell is the one you will likely see the most. She will be Cortana on Sunday. She will likely have her 405th HOD shirt on one of the other days. She has really long red hair and is super duper amazingly fantabulous. You can tell her I said that. 3 others from Herschend you will likely see are Jason, Doug and DJ. DJ is actually a 405th member as well. They will check in often. All three usually have either HOD or 405th HOD shirts on that have their names on the back. If you meet them, tell them how much we appreciate them. DJ did the redesign on the shirts to add our logo so definitely thank him. I gave DJ one of my coins and both Jason and Doug were given thank you plaques for putting up with me for the last year and half but they can never be thanked enough for all they have done.


The Mary Poppins box is the box of repair supplies. Really there are two boxes but one is filled with enough foam to likely build a suit. The other is named the Mary Poppins box because it has so much stuff in it, it clearly is much bigger on the inside than the outside. If you are in that box - do your best to keep it neat and tidy. Especially make sure that lids on the glue are done up tight etc. Don't just leave the stuff out for members of the public to use on their own. That stuff will likely go missing or worse, someone will glue something accidentally (or on purpose) to some of our stuff. It's okay to let the person fix their own gear while they stand in front of you but don't let that stuff walk away or get used without supervision. Unplug that glue gun when it's not being used. And at the end of the day on Sunday before packing up someone needs to check if we need anything replenished and then let me know. We have more glue sticks coming as apparently that was the only thing used totally up so far.


I'll be sending in the list of names for Exhibitor Passes on Sunday night FOR THE HOUSTON SHOW so make sure if you are going to sign up that you do so before then. You can pick up your pass by going to the Will Call booth. You just have to let them know that you are with the 405th and what your REAL NAME is. They will have your pass in an envelope.

I think that's it everyone! Have a super wonderful time!
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The Mary Poppins box is the box of repair supplies. Really there are two boxes but one is filled with enough foam to likely build a suit. The other is named the Mary Poppins box because it has so much stuff in it
We have more glue sticks coming as apparently that was the only thing used totally up so far.
I created an itemized list at the end of HOD Chicago containing all the items in the poppins box, and remember there being almost an entire 75ct bag of hot glue sticks in the mix. Having more won't hurt, but I figured I'd mention it. The list is inside the box itself, and I didn't think to take a photo of it.


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An additional note on Water.

In Chicago I approached Sarah and asked her the best way to get a flat of water into the booth/changing area, and whether security/convention center staff would have an issue with us bringing our own water in. She told that she did not think it was right for us to have pay extra for water, and she attempted to get the Convention Center to supply us with one of the water cooler stations they had in the hallway in the change area. When the convention center would not provide the water for us, Sarah provided each of our volunteers with a water bottle that they could fill up at one on the of the water fountains. As with every thing, the situation has changed from location to location. so maybe bring in some water on Friday, but eiros or crackhead09 be sure to speak with Sarah and see what the water situation will be in Houston.


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Alright thats good to know. However I will bring some just in case. its gonna be in the 100's this week so better to be careful.


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In Philly we easily burned through 4-5 cases of water bottles throughout the whole weekend. This also included many members getting those refillable soda mugs too, so water will burn through very quickly. Be sure to stock ahead, or if absolutely necessary, have someone go on a run to the nearest convenience store and grab some more.


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In Philly we easily burned through 4-5 cases of water bottles throughout the whole weekend. This also included many members getting those refillable soda mugs too, so water will burn through very quickly. Be sure to stock ahead, or if absolutely necessary, have someone go on a run to the nearest convenience store and grab some more.
I brought a gallon arctic water bottle/jug filled with ice, and that kept me going each day, but more importantly, your new profile GIF is absolutly amazing XD


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In Philly we easily burned through 4-5 cases of water bottles throughout the whole weekend. This also included many members getting those refillable soda mugs too, so water will burn through very quickly. Be sure to stock ahead, or if absolutely necessary, have someone go on a run to the nearest convenience store and grab some more.
Can confirm a minimum of 5 flats. The Canadian Regiment Cool Patrol brought in three 24 bottle flats and those lasted about half a day each.

If anyone is driving in and parking nearby the convention center consider strapping another couple kilograms onto your armour crate that you're pulling into the convention.