Sign-Up Thread for the MTD Parade 2011

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Right now no float but were are keeping that in thoughts becuase you have to figure in people to build the float, a vechicle to pull the float, etc. etc.


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If we do have a float, and I can make it, and it is pulled by a warthog, I CALL THE TURRET!!

Should have a suit finished by then. Now that most of the files I have made are unfolded!


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A scorpion would make a great float, and it would look awesome. Maybe you could even make a banshee balloon or two.


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If we do have a float, and I can make it, and it is pulled by a warthog, I CALL THE TURRET!!


I would love to do this. Represent the girls, you know? lol If you guys do a Scorpion, we could all take turns sitting on it, cuz 4 people can sit on the sides, with 1 person in the cockpit and 1 in the gunner. hehehe.


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Count me in. I should be able to finish my suit within the next month, and as long as everything else in my life stays good I can go. This sounds like fun.

Also, is there any entry fee?


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No Entry Fee to my knowledge there is not a requested one on the copy of the entry form that I have to enter a group with.


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OMG!!!! I would totally LOVE to do this! Where does the parade take place?

I don't have a costume fully finished though, yet. :( My husband said he would like to do it so I would have to build a costume for him. Since he thinks it would be fun, he would be the only way I have of getting there.

Is there a deadline of when I would have to have a fully completed suit by? I plan on doing the foam build since the weather here is too cold for the resin and stuff and at least with the foam, I can be indoors and work on it all day and not have to worry about the cold.

However, I don't know if I should build Kat and have my husband dress as Carter OR if I should finish my hayabusa and have my husband dress as Master Chief. :\

Okay, nevermind, I figured out the deadline for when to have the costumes completed by. Looks like it's time for me to start getting my templates ready now so that when I get my foam and stuff, I can start right away on cutting and glueing!
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