The long journey home? (ODST suit build)

Hein B287

Today i made some real first forays into armorsmith and oh boy is it getting used to. in real life i'm a mechanical engineer. work daily with Autodesk inventor. everything is nicely measired, some cool traditional shapes and straight lines. Now in armorsmith its all free dragging around, eyeballing the scale and position of the parts.

Loving it XD


For now i got the legs done (bar knee pads). added in some free floating parts to be sorted later on.

Hein B287

It's been a while since my last update. I have not been sitting still though, so here comes a big photo dump.

20210125_222617[1].jpg 20210125_222626[1].jpg
During the evenings after work when i did't feel like doing a lot i grabbed my bucket and started sanding again. There were still some bumps and dents here and there. As of right now it should be completely smooth.

20210125_223657[1].jpg 20210125_223718[1].jpg 20210125_224828[1].jpg

This brings me to next thing. I tried my hand at designing something a fan could be mounted onto. This would go into the spaces with the vent openings. Turns out it's rather difficult to get this to fit without having the right measurments. Second problem is that when all the bits are build in there would be no room for my own noggin. Back to the drawing board on that one.

20210125_222411[1].jpg 20210125_222418[1].jpg 20210125_222430[1].jpg
Next up: A nice cast combat knife. This one has magnets inside it so it wouldn't fall out of the sheath. It looks better in the picture but the divets where the magnets sit are quite noticeable. Otherwise quite happy with the metal finish. Next step is to spray some "Bitumen" spray on the handle. This will give it a nice rubber like finish.

20210125_222519[1].jpg 20210125_222354[1].jpg MA5C new bits - 2.PNG 20210125_222531[1].jpg 20210125_222557[1].jpg

Some minor filling and painting done on the MA5C. Removed all the bits that didn't look great and used those to design my own. I made them as a single piece so printing would be cheaper. They came out great :) . The removable magazine received 2 layers of filler primer and got sanded smooth. But somehow my metallic army painter reacted with the filler primer. So now it looks like someone beat the crap out of it. (Do not dislike it though). Still a lot of work to be done on the main body but all the bits i could remove are ready for a coat of paint. If someone could point me in the right direction for that I would be gratefull.

I also received a nice black cap on which I put some insignia. This will be used when i'm not wearing a bucket.

ammo 2.PNG ammo 3.PNG

I also tried some more 3D modelling. Keeping it simple for now. The big ones at the back are bullets for the assault rifle, ones in front for the magnum. Made some empty shells as well just for fun.

EDIT: For those interested in the files, just ask ;)


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Hein B287

Love the painting on the helm so far!
Thanks XD but not much of an actual paint job. More like filler primer showing underneath a coat of grey that has been mostly sanded of

And did you print that warthog?
There are some spectacular files for that floating around. But this one isn't printed. It's actually an original from the tabletop game Halo Ground Command. The manufacturer went bust a few years ago. Managed to snag some stuff
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