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so im getting some EVA mats sometime this month, any advice on cutting and shaping it?
what should i use to cut it?
would a conventional box cutter work?
is a exacto-knife essential?
how about attachment methods.
can i just end to end it?
or should i use a less known methods, like using a dowel to reinforce it.
what about the actual matting?
where can i get it?
are there files made just for foam armoring?
any help is appreciated
I myself have started using the EVA foam mats and find the exacto is good for cutting then. BUT it dulls fast after several peaces it gets dull and you have to cut the same line 2 or 3 times to get all the way threw. I personally counter this by running the edge of the blade down a nail file every now and then to keep the edge sharp, works great and you get nice easy cuts that don't require alot of clean up after words. Also a small pair of scissors comes in handy for tight areas and cutting 45 degree cuts for joints. I use a Swiss army knife that has scissors attached (it also has a file I use for sharpening) great tool to have.
I've been using a hot knife that I picked up from home depot. It uses an exacto knife blade, so there's some nice common parts to use. Certainly makes smoother cuts than just a plain old room temperature blade. But getting the base of the hot knife too close to the foam melts it and I've already burned a finger.
yeah, wont be using that then (probably not in budget range anyway.)
attachment (using adhesives to attach to seprate pieces)
Make sure you use a sharp knife. That being said, the EVA foam dulls up a blade pretty quickly. I've been using a small Kobalt utility knife with the snap-off replacement blades, reason: it's $2 for a pack of about 10 extra blades, obviously with several cutting edges. Total cost for a new knife and extra blades, about $7 at your local Lowe's. One piece of advice that I can give you for cutting is, try to get your general angle right on the cut (normally represented by a mountain fold in pep). You can finish off the angle with the shaping step.

As far as shaping goes, I use a dremel for rough shaping, and my mouse sander to smooth off the cut edges. This will greatly help to get the proper shape of the model.

Your attachment methods are going greatly vary from person to person. If you're referring on how to assemble the pieces, hot glue is definitely the way to go. I found a pack of 100 sticks at Wal-Mart in the craft section for about $4. If you're referring to attaching them for wearing on your person, then that is really up to you.

Unfortunately, just like with pep, this a trial and error process. A lot of people have shown a lot of success with using EVA foam for their builds, but I can vouch for the fact that it absolutely takes a little practice. If I get a little farther in my foam build, I'm going to try and share some of the tips that I pick up along the way. I hope that helps a little, and happy building!!

Knife: Kobalt 9mm SnapOff Blade Knife

Blades: can't find a picture of it, but it sits right next to the knife in-store.
Harbor Freight sells the EVA foam mats, and I believe L3X BLU3R1V3R made up some Reach Mk. V armor files just for foam. I'll see about finding a link. Something to add to the first post...

I'm going to watch this thread for a bit. Gingersnapples just went and posted most of the questions I was going to ask about foam building.
Knife: Kobalt 9mm SnapOff Blade Knife

Blades: can't find a picture of it, but it sits right next to the knife in-store.


@Finelargeaxe: i already have some foam coming in the mail, but i will add the question.
this might turn into a QA thread eventually ( or i will take answers and make a seprate thread.)
got foam today. along with green gas for my airsoft gun. unfortunatly the nozzle cant reach the reservoir on the magazine so i still cant shoot it. on the bright side i remembered i have a gerber knife.
While I don't have much experience with EVA foam and cutting it, I would use a hot knife if I could. They're not difficult to use as long as you are as careful with one as a regular knife. And they don't have to be expensive either; a simple Google search will show some hot knives for less than $20, and I've even found one for about $8.
I have that same knife, in black. While I love mine, it's really not the ideal type of knife to use for paperwork like this. An X-acto is much better suited for this type of project. And forgive me if I'm being blunt, but if an X-acto knife is also not in your budget, than I would suggest re-thinking this hobby, as it does require at least some financial commitment. Good luck. :)
no xacto knifes are in my budget, hot knifes are not. i had an xacto knife and intend to get one as soon as i possibly can, but it wont be top of the line.
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