WandererTJ's Mjolnir Mk. V (Custom) - S-128 - [Hybrid Build] [Pic Heavy]


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I was definitely hoping it would allow more flexibility in the toe having the hinge in it, but it wasn't flexing quite right, partly because the hinge is at the middle of the foot, rather than just behind the balls of the foot, but adding in the buckles also eliminated them being able to hinge inward.

Definitely not an issue at all though, I can move around well in them, and the clam shell design works what it was meant for... allowing you to remove your shoe. Having boots that actually have a separate toe for flexibility is definitely more of a neat trick for the Mark VI and Spartan-IVs.

Once everything is done I won't be doing a walking test... I'll be doing a dancing test. ;)

Also BlazedStarbon, you totally have the 100th post! :)
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Bob Rosland

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Yeeees! This is fantastic. It's so good to see armor built from scratch using reference images instead of just straight Pepakura.


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Hey all!
It's been a while.

I've been taking somewhat of a break.
Took the month to play some videogames, broke 100,000 Gamerscore with 100 Completed Games at the same time.
Ended up completing about 17 games 100% in about a month's time and then I started playing Destiny: The Taken King which broke my streak.

Just wanted you all to know I'm still alive and kicking and that I'm not going anywhere and that my build is not done.


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Hey everyone!

It's certainly been a while! I haven't exactly made any forward progress on my suit, but I'm working on making progress, talking with one of the teachers at the high school where I mentor high school students in FIRST Robotics about helping me 3D print off a helmet. I managed to get a "Disguise" brand Halo 4 Master Chief helmet, and while it's nice and all, it's just not what I'm going for with my build. I also got 2 BOOMco M6H magnums, so I'm pretty excited to getting around to painting them.

But, I'm actually here to bring you all some other news, I've been working on some other things, and I wanted to show them off! :)

I'll start by saying that, I've been watching all of the Power Rangers on Netflix, and I decided it would be fun to do some prop designing.
So I've been hard at work in SolidWorks at making breathtakingly accurate models that are intended for 3D Printing.

So far, I've made the Dragon Dagger, Sword of Darkness (aka The Devil Sword Hellfriede), a cosplay version of the Legacy Power Morpher, and two of the Power Coins. After I finish up finalizing each of the models, I plan on doing a bit more, such as the 5 power weapons, and the rest of the power coins, assuming that I can get some income to afford the Legacy toys so I can get accurate measurements off of them.

I'm experimenting with a new concept for 3D-Modelers, and I'm hoping it'll turn out to be a success, maybe some of you will be interested, I'm not sure, but I'm running a fundraiser.
Once the fundraiser has earned enough, the models will all be released for free.

You can find more information about my fundraiser here:
I would love the support of you all here, but if you aren't interested, no worries!

It hurts me to see models for sale, so hopefully crowdsourcing could be a great way for modelers to get exposure, earn some money for their work, and not have to worry about one person purchasing it and then posting it for everyone to download for free.

Dragon Dagger Render 4.png Dragon Dagger Render 6.png Dragon Dagger Render 1.png Dragon Dagger Render 2.png Dragon Dagger Render 3.png
Dragon Dagger Render 7 - Explode.png
Morpher Assembly 1 - WandererTJ.png Power Coins.png Devil Sword Hellfriede Progress 4a.png Devil Sword Hellfriede Progress 4b.png


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Thanks to ErMaC, the Halo Reach Commando Shoulder file that I modeled has been unfolded for those of you interested in having a properly accurate version of the armor.

The unfolded file can be found here:

The original file of the 3D model can still be found here:

It was a massive undertaking by ErMac to unfold the countless polygons that the model is comprised of, so props to him for being diligent to unfold it.
Hopefully this will help the community! :)


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While I know this is yet another non-Halo or costuming related post, I did want to update you all with something I've finished.

I have created 3D Models for every Poke Ball ever! (And they can be downloaded for free!!!)
I've also created a diagram of them all.


Please note that the available files are in their original SolidWorks format. Converting them to anything else can/will cause appearances to be lost from the models.



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Dude can't wait, if you want the pictures I got of you from the photoshoot yesterday, they are in the group chat or I can send them to you