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I just ordered a helmet kit and was wanting to know if any one has assembled it? The directions arent very clear so can any one make it more understadable? And what color did you use to make the visor gold to were you can see out of it but people cant see in it. Any what description would be helpful.
You may be the definitive person to do that. This could be a great chance for you to make a tutorial that could go on here, as well as information about how to improve their gear for the general public.

I ordered there armor because I am confident that I can turning it from a glossy plastic armor into something that has depth, texture, and (hopefully) kicks butt. I have all the materials at the ready.
you ordere armor from there??? Sure if i can do well and under stand the putting it together ill post a tut on how to do that and make there armor better by telling them to post up more derections.
You did AF200XL? Have you got it yet? I ordered it a while ago and havent even got a shipment coformation. Whats up with that?
no not yet i just did yesterday... hopeing i will get conformation as well Contact them to let them no that you are "unhappy" wit h theer service.... it mya help :)
The just charged us so it might of shipped. That tut is really hard to understand. I will use it because its all i have. IF i can make a detailed one can i put it on 405th as a tut?
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