What happens to cheaters


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Bleh, too bad that guy was just the right guy in the right place to lay the smackdown.. More often no one can do anything about it.. That kid is going to be super paranoid though.

I kind of feel bad for him, cheating sucks.. and I think he should have his account stripped, but his dad punished him for doing something ileagle, and it's possible he didn't know it was, he might of just been like Omgz my score pwns and worst comes worst I'll get banned. I wonder if his dad would of done the same for "your kid's cheating on a video game". More then likely the word illeagle scared the heck out of the dad and he may have done something he'll regret later... I got smacked a decent amount when I was little, and I'm closer with my parents then anyone I know, so thats not an issue for me, but I think in that situation they probably would of been more mad at the guy for caring so much about a computer game... Unless he convinced them I was doing something intentionally that was malicious and illeagle.

Well, theres probably one less cheater on XBL now... Too bad it wasn't microsoft support dishing it out though.

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heh, thats great! maby a lil harsh but hey, i doubt i could resist doin it eather. now if only there were some way to get at those damn modem pausers "every time we clash his connection flat-lines then hes suddenly behind me n assinates me" :cautious:


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Honestly that little kid got what he deserved. I would expect my father to do that same thing to me if i were doin something illegal, especially somehting illegal that involved his credit card. The little bastard got it easy if you ask me. And hopefully the concequences of his actions will stop him from ever thinking of cheatin again. I hate when Pakcet Floodin happens to me. it ruins my entire day.

me to little brat> :confused: Brat: :cry: Me:(y)