What seems to be Daft Punk in Music video

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ok ya because i thought i heard the music in the background before
except it was a compilation of people using sprites for the music video
its definetily draft punk
i love kanye west hes fro chi town just like me o did i tell u iv met him its a hell of a rapper draft punk is just another great artist heard them in the years now they came back in stronger
Yeah I read that Daft Punk and Kanye West made Hundreds of Thousands of dollars off of this song alone. Its addicting :p And its pretty neat how you see Daft Punk feat. In it. Kanye can do anything when it comes to Music.
Yeah, YouTube: Daft Punk Interview in Japan (1/2)
and Daft Punk Interview in Japan (2/2)

Wow, There was a link saying Buy your own Daft Punk Helmets, the company that made em said it will cost 65k. Plus they will ask for the rights from DP, and if they approve they will send you one.
I didn't know that Kanye sampled Daft Punk for that song. But the 2 machine operators are definitely Daft Punk!

But the augmentation factory seems remarkably similar to the original Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger video beginning.
I'm pretty sure Kanye West sampled Daft Punk's song Harder, Better, Faster, Strong. He basically cut up the song and slowed it down. My opinion is that the original sounds better. It just sounds more... natural. And those guys in the mask are definitely Daft Punk. I can't believe I never noticed them. Haha.
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