What's your computer/chill space look like?

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The Mastah. said:
I can see 6, maybe 7. (Is the thing on the side a mirror, and if so does it mirror the same computer or a different one?. and also theres a thing in the corner of the desk under some junk that could be another old flat one.)

You are indeed right. There are 6 computers in the picture, I got some junk on an old mac computer back in the very far off corner, then there is a windows 95 next to it standing upright. Otherwise there are the two main visble computers, a laptop off the the left, and then one on the dog kennel also.

You get a cookie.

Sorry, I'll have to upload the rest of the pictures tomorow, I can't today D: .

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Nice Airzooka doom, those things are pretty fun, o and some of you need to clean o_O i mean my rooms dirty but ...not uber dirty.
UNSC Certified said:
NOW THATS A halo2 hub!!!!!! Not a bad way to be dedicated!!! AWESOME!!!!

thanks, hopefully my house will be finished by january and i can set it back up like that. damned Katrina reconstruction is taking forever!

to help decipher the mess that is my current computer setup, heres a few descriptions and pictures:

TV/computer monitor: Samsung LN-S3251d

Xbox 350 Elite
Nintendo Wii

custom server tower case
athlon 64 X2 4200+ processor running at 2.3GHZ
Abit Fatal1ty motherboard with front panel display
3GB DDR ram
dual BFG geforce 7800GT video cards running in SLI mode
Soundblaster x-Fi fatal1ty sound card with front panel control
100GB SATA hard drive
80GB SATA hard drive
DVD burner
multicard reader instead of a floppy drive
creative 6.1 surround sound
microsoft bluetooth keyboard and mouse
windows vista 64bit ultimate edition
Sony Vaio 200 disc DVD changer and burner

im thinking about upgrading the processor soon. everything else is just where i want it.
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Doom said:
That's what I was thinking xD. Would be impressive, but I think he means only 20 :p.


nope, its 200 discs. look under my computer desk in my photos for this:


its a 200 disc DVD changer/burner. it connects to a PC via Firewire, and runs off of windows media center. when you are in media center, it shows the entire library on screen, and allows you to see the movie cover and a short description of each one. probably one of the coolest things ive ever bought, and it cost 200 bucks.
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mine is just in my room with my tv PS3 and all the autographs my dad won in auctions and that he let me put in my room
I don't have my camera right now and im in the middle of rearranging my junk in my room my old setup is like this imagine a small square size room with a desk in the top right corner with a computer next to it and my monitor on top of the desk and my printer on top of this two drawer mini drawer. Also I have three shelfs hanging above my computer desk which are empty and I have a 6 level shelf with my halo 3 stuff and other junk about 4 feet away from my desk and I have a lounge chair in between them and in the bottom left corner is an old 30 icnh sony tv with my xbox 360 and wii next to it. and that is preety much my setup.

The setup I want is my desk moved in the middle of the far wall and my 6 level shelf the same place it is and get my lounge chair out of the room and get a new 22" LCD moniter for my computer as a moniter/tv then put myxbox 360 and wii next to my moniter and use those 3 shelves hanged up to hold my games,xbox 360 controllers,and wii controllers. Also get rid of my old sont TV and put like a couch,futon,or just use the lounge chair i got rid of in the same place as where my TV was.

But Im not sure which LCD moniter I want or I should buy a LCD TV if any of you guys seen any good ones at reasonable prices tell me please.
No pic of mine, but it's just a 17 inch lcd on a simple flat large computer desk, the tower sitting to the right of the desk, and the all in one pritner to the left. I'm not for much of decking the desk out and "pimping it" but I'm all for what goes on the INSIDE of the machine.

You can have a normal looking machine that preforms, or you an have a preforming looking machine that cant peform.
Monitor, I dont own any lcd tv's too expensive for me right now, I'll wait till I can get 1080p tv's for 200 dollars. Or atleasta 26 inch 720p TV for 200 onsale, I find them for 350-400 dollars alot, just wait 6 more months......the price will fallllllllllllllllllllll.

Oh if you mean the other post, it's a TV hooked up the PC with vga or dvi, all lcd tv's can do that now adays.
So what would you reccomend get a LCD moniter or just wait 6 months for that price drop for the TV
or a specific one.
For a computer, get a LCD monitor, they are cheaper than a lcd TV the same size, plus their resolution is atleast 720p, some higher end screens for 200-300 dollars can achieve 1080p or higher, though the same price asa TV of the same size, the resolution is much much greater.

If your looking for a TV just wait for a TV. If you're looking for a Computer screen, just get one onsale. The 15inch lcd screen I use with my ps3 (a PC like setup, office chair, ps3 standing as a tower) works good and will display at 720p with my component cables, I had to convert the cables and all to work with dvi, but it works good, I cant say if the quality truley is 720p or not since I converted alot of stuff to dvi....but it looks as dang good as a PC game, clear, crisp, no fuzziness......

just cant watch TV with a LCD monitor since it doesnt have a built in TV tuner.

If your going for a media center PC that will sit in your living room, go for a LCD tv, because you will want to be able to watch TV without turning on your PC, plus LCD tv's can be large while PC lcd monitors only go to 24 inches maybe 26 inch max...not sure, I just know they arent gonna be 37 inch PC screens for a small desk.
Dedrick said:
Uhhhh,Ewww :( ........ Macs, no jk lol :p

Nice office space by the way

Shanks :D

And Oh no you didn't! :p (I say this in a good hearted way) Don't be hatin' on the Macs! until Vista gets it's crap right and it supports 16GB of Ram and do "smart distribution" I'll sit pretty with my Mac Pro, at least for my 2D graphic and Motion graphics needs :D Macs suck ass with 3D still. Yes I said I have 16GB of Ram in my Mac.
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