Who watches Dr. Who?

AI Blue Fox

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i play a half life 2 runnoff game called garry's mod and you can get doctor who and halo npcs to fight each other. tis fun.


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Doctor Who is awesome. I was iffy on the recent season but by the end it was all good. I still prefer David Tennant as the Doctor though. The new guy may be able to rock a fezz and bow tie but David was awesome.

Although i love watching Dr Who i still prefer my other top British series.

"Boys from the Dwarf!"

I love the cat. I thought he was a retarded vampire at first.

Pack hunter

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the 3rd and the 4th doctor's are my favorites from the old ones... as far as the new ones i like em all there has only been a few episodes that i thought were just down right dumb... i've always wanted to make a cyberman suit... maybe a darlak


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My friend and I will eventually build a Dalek. We need to find a power chair, though. I'm pretty sure my sister wouldn't appreciate it if I took hers...

AI Blue Fox

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me and my father are constructing a tom baker tardis and progress WILL be posted. my father watched doctor who as a kid and loved tom baker. I guess...(puts on glasses) time flies YEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

LongShot X

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Lol, i could see why people could think that.

Hmmm... was that not the pic from the episode where things run backwards. I think Cat was "going" and found out the hard way that it was "returning"

Love the show as much as Dr. Who.

Theta Sigma

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I LOVE Doctor Who! Classic series and new. The name Theta Sigma is even a little known reference to Doctor Who. I have blue prints to build a full size T.A.R.D.I.S. that I plan to build one or these days. Sorry, I just got excited when I say Doctor Who on a thread. Also have blue prints for classic and new series daleks. Favorite Quote, Tom Baker - Fourth Doctor - 1974-1981 "Whats the point of being grownup if you cant be childish sometimes" :) Again, sorry for nerding out... Im trying to contain myself and not make a 3 page post... ΘΣ


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Who saw the two new episodes tonight?

I wasn't really surprised by the events, i just didn't expect it in this episode. I still see it getting a lot more Epic but I'm very concerned about when we actually see him die on the expected date since he has reached his limit of regeneration's. I'm really hoping that its not actually him that dies, maybe his Living Flesh clone decides to lay down its life or something and the Doctor fakes his death to throw off these time police people. Plus River did give all of her regenerative power to save him, maybe it gave him a few more cycles because she had at least 10 regeneration's left in her life.

btw, Kupo, what is your boat?
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Ral Partha

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new episodes? season 7 started?
Not quite. The episodes that FR referred to are "A Good Man Goes to War" (episode #7), which aired before the show went into summer hiatus, and "Let's Kill Hitler", the latest episode (#8). Both are still part of Season 6. I didn't realize that BBC America was running a marathon until I came upon it just as the AGMGTW was starting.