WIP - My Masterchief MK VI build

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Ichan, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Dirtdives

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    Hummmm.....not something you read about every day.....Thanks for sharing.
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  2. xXDashIVXx

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    Like door nails inside the helmet instead of padding! :D
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  3. Ichan

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    Thermomalfunction? Never heard of that. I bought a pretty good one though, so I hope to be fine xD

    I had to laugh so hard at your and Dirtdives jokes xD I nearly teared up! Thanks too that, now I am motivated to get back to my upper leg armour. :D:D
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  4. Badkitty

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    Yeah well girls gotta stick together ya know. The thermo's I was talking about have elements in them. Nuf said there.
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  5. RandomRanger

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    Just wanted to say hi :)
    I'm new as well, and also making a set of My VI, though I'm making it out of foam. I think it's going well for me so far, but I think you're gonna have better luck with the finer details by doing fiberglass. I'm trying to compensate by adding a bunch of tech into my suit.

    Your build is looking great so far!
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  6. serenko3

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    For your helmet so it doesn't rub or cut you, use door trim edging. Edit I prefer using the aluminum core stuff as it clamps down better otherwise some glue would be recommended.
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  7. NEMES1S

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    Yeah thanks had a quick look on YouTube for a tutorial. I'd definitely like to give it a go in the future and compare weight against my normal hardening methods
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  8. Ichan

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    We have already planned this in :D we are using Eva for this, cause we have loadss of it at home ;)

    Cool! I wish you good luck for when you try it out! Spartan083 recommends you can add up to half of you epoxy mix with bubbles and thixotropy-stuff (only use a few spoons of thixitropy stuff and moaaar bubbles! )

    I'll be off now, need to get up and working again, March is approaching quickly, and we need to finish our costumes for LBM
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