Props Wizard Of Flight's Weapon Blueprints


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this sticky is for wizard to keep all his awesome blueprints in one place.

Only Wizard may post here
First let me say thank you for the honor of having a "sticky" for my blueprints. It is nice to have my own space for these! Sorry I haven't posted sooner, real life has been keeping me very busy lately.

Now for the blueprints! And Keep your eyes on the look out for future additions!

H3 Beam Rifle draft Blueprint

Thread Link:

H3 Battle Rifle Blueprints

*This thread is no longer around*

H3 Magnum Blueprints

Thread Link:

H3 Assault Rifle Blueprints

Thread Link:

H3 SMG Blueprints

Thread Link:

H3 Shotgun Blueprints

Thread Link:


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The links aren't for downloading they're to open the threads where the blueprints were originally discussed, which will no longer be valid since the move. All you have to do is right click the image and "Save picture as..." what you see is what you get.

And to point out what is clearly stated in the first post- ONLY WIZARD MAY POST HERE.
As juliet76 says here in his post I cleared, nobody posts in here but wizardofflight.

I fixed all the links that I could, one was missing.
Also WOF if you catch this, the blueprint attachment in the Sniper Rifle thread was lost in the move, so there's no blueprint in there. Posts can be edited if you click 'Go Advanced' after you click 'Edit Post'.

I don't know how the permissions on this thread worked before, but since the PMs are down I'll leave this thread open so wizard can post in here without having to get one of us every time.
All posts made by anyone besides wizardofflight will be deleted.