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uum ive been making most of my weapons and armour out of cardboard. and ive been wondering.. where can i find some wood for weapons? like free wood. or at least cheap :bard: and umm sorry if this is in the wrong forum but it is asking for an alternitive to cardboard so..

1. how would i make somthing out of that.. it would take ages to chop and form

2.if i did that i would get grounded till i was 30
lol, Balsa wood is a great wood to make things out of, they use it in some model airplanes. its light, and easy to cut.
or you might get it cheaper or maybe free...that wood is more for hobby making not buildings
Balsa wood is like foam - good for carving and smoothing and with a but if wood filler has a nice finish but is not suitable for making props that are gonna be used (unless these are stunt chairs for low-budget action movies) with any moderate use. ok for strolling about with, but things like balsa wood handles love to break off. Be sure to get some decent specialised glue for it - wood glue & pritstik wont work for balsa.
Im not saying dont use balsa wood, its by far the best wood to use for a cardboard replacement, but it is really weak along the grain. Its pretty cheap but for making weaps you need it quite thick, not the 2mm sheets they sell for RC plane making. Where to get that in t3h USA i dont know.
You can get very think balsa wood...my dad loves to build airplanes<modeled but do fly on gas> and some of the stuff he uses is very thick<well thin thick like carbord thick>...I got a lot of it lying around so maby I might make a weapon out of it lol.
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