Your favorite saying in Halo:Reach

For those who have gone through the campaign, what is your favorite line from any of the characters/Marines so far?

Mine is definitely-

Jun-"What? you dont like my cooking?"


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"Oh, God! I didn't sign up for this! Aliens, man! That's it, I am out! Seriously, fighting aliens now? Innies were bad enough, now freakin' aliens? I'm out, man. O-U-T, out! Lemme tell you, whatever you do, don't let them bite you. I hear if one of those little ones bites you, you turn into one! Imagine it, man, we're all going to turn into little methane-sucking freaks! They're going to strap us up in tanks and have us fighting on their side! Not me, man, I'm out! They're not going to get me. No way I'm turning into no squid-faced alien freak! I bet that's what those funky-looking things are! They're for us, man! They're us, turned Covie and fighting ourselves, man! Oh, God! No way, not me. No way, no way, no way, oh, God, no, no, no, no!" -Crazy Army Trooper

Biggest quote ever.
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Go 2 or maybe 3.

1st: "Did you miss me?"- Master Chief firefight voice preview.

2nd and may be 3rd, its a conversation between Jorge and 6:
6- "Its a one way trip."
Jorge-"We all got to do it sooner or later."
(May be off by a few words but you get the point.)


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"Orders? Are you a puppet or a Spartan?" Dr. Halsey likes her spartans too much!

I dont know why but I also like when Noble 6 says "I aim to please!" and "Sir, I have the gun."


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Pretty, someone should take a picture.
- Jorge

Ha!.......... Sometimes the big guy forgets who he is.
- Emile


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Now this isn't really my favorite.... But i think it was crucial in letting us know that they cared about eachother... THe line is right after jorge died and 6 see's carter "You make him proud" (referring to Jorge). Ya i know it's not epic and it's not that big of a deal when you read it but... i felt that just the WAY he said it had a lot of emotion... But that's just me! =/ (happy cuz reach came out, but sad cuz he died)
Sounds like a Star Wars reference. Luke Skywalker used to shoot some sort of swamp or wampa rats when he was younger.
It has to b. On the second to last level a marine yelled "I got one" and a second marine yelled "Good kid, don't get cocky!" So awesome, pretty much the best part of the game. ;)