Your favorite saying in Halo:Reach


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- ohgj tekete!- "Random jackal"
man those creatures are soo eloquent.

and my favourite:

-Welcome to reach- carter to noble six.
I have several:
*"Don't worry, I have a bullet for each of you..."-Jun's Firefight voice.
*"Stick that in your ring and smoke it!"-John-117's Firefight voice.
*"They do die!"-Marines sometimes say this after you die.
*"Nothing fancy, center-mass!"-Jun's Firefight voice, and he also says it in campaign.
*Anything Buck says, because of his voice actor.
Jun(in firefight when you switch to plasma launcher)-Just the right amount of overkill

What WOULD have been my favorite line(if Bungie didnt get rid of it) it would have been "Time to bake that cake we made last night"
Tell them to make it count- George

i dont like how kat dies, tbh i think that it was a crap way to save her dying in combat jut my opinion, and i love how you seehte covenant glass the planet in the actual level

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I never really got any good lines out of marines in Reach. Halo 3 had the best. There mine would be when a brute yells "We don't accept American Express!" But in Reach the firefight voice of sergeant Stacker has some great lines. My favorite is a rarer melee line "Well theres one dead bonkedybonk."


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N6-"I aim to please"

Kat FF voice- "*flirty, yet maniac giggling, then ambaressed cough* Sorry, sorry, Won't ever let that happen again.. sorry..*obviously flustered*"

Civilian. I was pointing my DMR up her left nostril(jk), in scope, and next thing I know, she goes "Is that a weapon in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" note: I only play a female Spartan.

Edit: im a derp. i listed quotes from other games. Removed. Also remembered another Kat quote I love. Get it with IWHBYD, and annoying her (shooting, pushing, standing on her head)

"Yes, Its field tested and combat ready... and I can punch a hole through your helmet with suprisingly little difficulty...."


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I got killed by a gang of brutes once and right before I respawned I heard a brute say to his buddy,

"Let's eat him together!"

Couldn't stop laughing.


Any of Buck's FF lines are gold:

"Right betwixt the eye sockets!"
"Haha, oh I'm gettin' good."
"I aim to misbehave."

Gotta love Firefly references.

One I've heard only once was during an assassination. It was very quiet and in a kind of creepy satisfied voice:
"I like it when they get up close."

Or something like that. I had to play it a couple times in the theater to catch it. He sounds like a rapist.