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What the, whiplash, but it makes sense when a 3-4 ton warthog comes back and cracks u in the face to send u flying.
I don't know if it'd be considered "Whiplashing", (I always called it "sheebanging") You get an overshield, you flip the banshee over on it's back, and stand on one of the wing pods. The other wing pod is sticking up in the air.. Shoot it with the rocket-launcher and there's a tendency to hit the roof of the level.

You can also do something similar with those protable Roadblocks.. You stand on the crossbars on the back, and rocket the shield part of it. It's the best way to get ontop of Relic & Turf.
umm, this is a youtube thread. post these elsewhere please. ;) jk

first vid: nice skills, nice editing. i love the snippets of glitches and singing vengaboys.

second vid: i love that RE song. nicely done work, i'm sure it took some patience and persistence to get through those shots.
blue, that is the special effects event of the summer. LOL. Looks like you had some fun. Thanks for posting it.
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