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    Assassin's Creed

    So, I just got hooked on Assassin's Creed all over again, and while playing I got the idea of taking what I've learned from here to make some Assassin Gear. Any thoughts or opinions on the matter? It may be a while, I still have to finish my ODST build haha. Just thought it'd be a cool thought.
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    My Take On The Concept Odst

    Holy crap! Great work man, I never even thought of doing it that way! Looks like I'ma go get me some clay soon!
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    Metal Hayabusa Helmet

    Welcome to the 405th! It sounds like a great idea, I considered something along those lines as well at first, but the cost was too high. I wish you the best of luck, hopefully it turns out great! Maybe you could do the general shape of the helmet's intricate parts then add bondo to add the...
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    Mb's Odst Build.

    Dang. Speechless is all i can say. Which is an oxy-moron haha. Great work!
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    Halo 3 Sniper Rifle

    Haha wow, i have an identical scar on my thumb from a couple years back. No fun dude.
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    Finishing Q's

    Cool, thanks guys. Yeah i was planning on sewing one side to the under-armor then adhering the other side to the armor pieces. And thanks, I'll go check out Michael's today.
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    Finishing Q's

    Hey 405th, It's been a while, been busy with college and work. But despite that, me and Stuntman have made some significant progress on our ODST suit. We are coming up on the finishing stage and I just wanted to get your guys' opinions. I plan on using velcro to attach the chest pieces on to...
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    Odst Armor!?!?!

    Well, I went to target and got a 60 sheet ream for around 4 bucks, then my bud went to ace and got some good quality resin and fiberglass matt for around 35-40 bucks. Hope that helps.
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    Airsoft Vs. Pep Pieces

    It does really only depend on the FPS of the rifle, but having done several tests of my own (I am neither endorsing or condemning this) I have found that with 2-3 layers of bondo and fiberglass are pretty near impenetrable from side arms, I would say less than 330 fps, but once you start...
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    Rock's Wip

    Very nice, keep up the good work!
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    Dark Fangs Rouge And Mark 6 Armor

    Very nice sir. Keep up the great work. I'm considering making one of these after I finish my ODST build.
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    Hfx's Odst "wip"

    Nicely done man, keep up the good work. I like the sound of that silver-brush idea.
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    Odst Update

    Same deal as before, pretty excited about this update though. I finished up the upper chest plate today, just finished rigging it to my MOLLE vest. Pretty legit if I say so myself. Fully adjustable strapping mechanism and all haha. [attachment=12860:Snapshot_20091018.jpg] Hopefully we can...
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    Odst Update

    Oh yeah, busy busy busy. The helmet was a little tough to glue the top on haha. The boots are deffinently taking longer than expected too :/
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    Odst Update

    Thanks man, we're pretty quick learners. Hopefully we have the time between work and college to finish it by halo-ween.