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  • hello,
    i am inquiring about one of these ODST helmet kits. where do u ship to? what are they made of? what is the cost? and will u need to know my height?
    Hi Hugh we have talked before about me purchasing a helmet, and i was wondering how i would go about buying one. I am not entirely sure that ihave the money, i would like the information. Thanks!
    Hi I'm from Russia, please tell me how much a helmet on average?
    Hey Hugh How Did you bondo that ODST helmet so nicesly as in you got the visor ends and even got the ears and practically everything great....
    Hey Hugh was wondering if you could give me a quick hand, i've asked around the forums but not got a response. I've bondo'd my core piece but it's got some imperfections and dints (will rondo next time) and I don't think I can pull them all out with sanding, will a few coats of resin over the top fix it, if not any other ideas? Pictures are on my thread, thanks again.
    I was just wonderin around the forums and saw your new avatar,and am wondering were I could get that visor.Is it A motorclye helmet that you modded to odst helmet or did you make your own visor and paint it.Thats most video game accurate visor ive seen and was wondering how to get one like that for my odst.Thanks,hope for A pm.
    hey i love the models for the odst armor you made, and i noticed that you went to Full Sail, im planning on going there next year after highschool. But im having problems trying to figure out how to smooth out the pepped ODST Helmet model, any tips or suggestions?
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