405th Merchandise


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Schankerz and TurboCharizard, you guys are killing me :lol:

I’m redacting every worry over shipment...mine arrived today without tracking :lol:

Got a few spare pins for giveaways to fellow members when dressed as Cortana.
Challenge coins are bigger than I thought. These are certainly a nice keepsake to own. :D
I'm glad you finally got your goodies, BlazedStarbon :)

Only got the silver challenge coin initially, I decided to bite the bullet and get the gold one too.

Storm 013

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I had just found this thread and haven’t read through all 9 pages yet, but here’s some of the things I’d probably like to see if possible, and some may have already been said.

Regiment/405th hats in a military pc style hat like the ones from a couple years ago that were grey with a gold 405th insignia.

Hoodies, with pullover or zip up options

Regiment coins and pins

Regiment patches

Along with some of the clothing, the option for personalized names and colors like to try to match the members favorite armor color scheme.

One thing for sure, I would absolutely love a high speed 405th or regiment specific PC like the one Sean Bradley wore in his recent throwback pic, as well as (Allison Church) wore on Red Vs Blue.