All-in-One Halo Pepakura Pack

Discussion in 'Halo Pepakura Costumes' started by HeavyGunner, Jul 29, 2010.

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  1. HeavyGunner

    HeavyGunner Well-Known Member

    After much deliberation, it is with some regret that we have to do this – but we feel it is necessary for the benefit of members.

    The All-in-One Halo Pepakura Pack is being officially closed.


    In late 2012, I received a message from HeavyGunner, and he asked whether I could take up the “mantle of the responsibility” of managing the primary pepakura file resource on the 405th – as the All-in-One was becoming more and more outdated, and lacked the versatility that the Database now offered.
    There was, however, another reason for his request – he was 'retiring' from the 405th, and knew he would not be able to find time to continue to update the All-in-One in his future endeavours.

    In an effort to continue the legacy, and practicality of having a 'super-compilation' of pepakura files, the Database lauched its Annual Database Compilation in January of 2013. This allows the Database team to provide an invaluable resource that can be updated at the end of each year to include all the new files, as well as continuing to include all the old ones.


    In order to preserve the 'history' of this thread, and to avoid unanswered PM's/file request posts and threads, all old file links within the thread will be listed as <Link obsolete>.

    However, out of respect – Version 1.7 of the All-in-One pack will be rehosted on the Database, and relinked here until the end of the June 2013. After this time, the file, and link will be removed and replaced in favour of the Database.

    We recognise that this was a valuable resource in its time, but sadly that has ended.
    I hope you can understand our reasoning in this descision.

    MissingSpartan7 & the Moderator team.


    The All-in-One Halo Pepakura Pack

    You can find more information about the Database here, as well as links to the Database itself.
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  2. ka5p3r

    ka5p3r Well-Known Member

    i think this is a good idea as long as the modelers agree to it
  3. markanator13

    markanator13 Member

    Thank you for spending the time!
    Noobs are going to love this!

  4. sweet idea. i was having trouble tracking down some of the files that were in that zip file. LOL ive never seen that health pack pep before.
  5. rundown

    rundown 405th Regiment Officer

    I hope you named the files to the modelers...
    If not plz take it down and fix it!
  6. HeavyGunner

    HeavyGunner Well-Known Member

    Most all of my files have been taken from other places where they've been authorized to be posted. I guess I thought that was sufficient.

    I just updated the file and fixed a lot of files without modeler names. Now most all the files contain a modeler name and unfolder name, sometimes in the name, and sometimes within the file itself. There are only a select few files without a name. If I'm going to name them, I need the 405th's help. Namely, the HD Halo 1 Marine section needs work. I don't know who did those files, as they're not unfolded.

    As of right now, all your files contain your name Rundown. I took special care to make sure all yours were credited, because I know you're now running your own modeling business. ;)
  7. Nintendude

    Nintendude Well-Known Member

    Good work HG.
  8. Road Kill

    Road Kill

    nice work man, good luck finiding files to go in it :)
  9. Mads

    Mads Jr Member

    Alright, I'll see if there's any ODST files I can use. This will come handy for sure, thanks!
  10. ODST Seph

    ODST Seph New Member

    Nice one HG! I'm waiting for a colleague of mine to get back from his time at Sandringham :)S) and hopefully we're going to make a start on some armour, so this is gonna be real useful. I let you know the results soon.
  11. gamebeatter

    gamebeatter New Member

    thanks man i really have been looking/making this but alot of files at the wiki have broken links
  12. rundown

    rundown 405th Regiment Officer

    Great carry on :) great idea btw ;)
  13. Nintendude

    Nintendude Well-Known Member

    Just out of curiosity do you have the Grav Hammer, Energy Sword and Flamethrower I posted on here a while back in there?
  14. misfitjh


    I'll go through it and see if I have anything that that I can add from my files and I'll let you know.
  15. Ral Partha

    Ral Partha Well-Known Member

    Hey HG,

    Given the size of the file, is it possible to list the files here that are included in the package?

    I might have a couple of them, if not all of them, but I'm on my way out right now so I'll check them when I return shortly.
  16. misfitjh


    I just went trough the file quickly and some of the files will not open in pep.
    The full Female armor.
    The Marine H1
    The Mark IV groin and gray team shoulder.
    And Arbys arm.
    They seem to be in a format that pep can't read.
  17. Korydabomb32

    Korydabomb32 Jr Member

    This is Outstanding 8O. Noobs would love this idea, considering, well, there noobs XD
  18. i went through the whole thing and found cool files i didn't even know existed!
  19. KCTattooist

    KCTattooist New Member

    Thats funny
  20. Cirkob5477

    Cirkob5477 Well-Known Member

    They have to be in .obj and in .pdo for pep to read...

    And btw, thanks for this, it's really going to help me with my ODST build which I'm going to make a thread for in the near future.
    I've started my LD Helmet, it's going good :D
  21. Austin673

    Austin673 New Member

    Damn thats alot o files Great Idea youve earned this Magnificent COOKIE!!!
  22. H1rg0n

    H1rg0n Member

    I am downloading it and will add whatever i have to it.
  23. HeavyGunner

    HeavyGunner Well-Known Member

    I do not, but would love to add them. I will release the current updated version in the Op when there are sufficient changes to be made.

    Would you like a full list of every file, or a general concept of what's included? Ex: MK VI Shins, Boots, Helm etc. OR, All MK VI Armor Files? I agree a full list would be better, but it's gonna take a lot of time to punch all the names in manually. I can do it, but it will take some time. Should modeler names be included with this list?

    Thanks for the support and praise guys. It really means alot. :D If you have files that were not listed in the current version that you would like to have added, please drop me a line at *Email removed*, or just post some links up in this thread if that suits your fancy. Try to include the modeler name, and if possible, the unfolder. I'm trying to cut down on excess with this file, so please note, if there are many different versions of one piece of armor, I will consider all the versions critically, and include only the very best for this compilation. It'd just be inefficient to have five different models of the same helmet, when we could have three really good versions of the same helmet.
  24. Ral Partha

    Ral Partha Well-Known Member

    Don't worry about it. My curiosity finally got the better of me and downloaded it, sans the list. :D
  25. Ral Partha

    Ral Partha Well-Known Member

    Those are .obj and .3ds files, which can be opened using Pep Designer. You must be using Pep Viewer that's why you can't open them.
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