Battle Rifle idea!

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Jr Member
Back in July 2004, I built an Aliens Pulse Rifle.
Check out the build in my online photo album:

If you look at the 3rd pic on the top - I made the profile of a WWII Thompson gun (where the screen used Aliens PR was modified from). We did mold that profile which consists of the receiver, grip & barrel all in one piece. The grip of course is an Aliens PR grip.

You guys think I could just build-up the BR details around this to complete its shape?
Good/bad idea?

Mardon (MLC)
IMHO- I think you should just build a whole new one instead of trying to build over that rifle. The only real similarity between that and the BR, is that shroud, even then, its not exactly accurate, and on top of that, it would need to be pushed out towards the muzzle, then in the middle.

I have actually been tooling with the idea of making the sniper rifle from actual gun parts. Ive been going to alot of gun shows recently, and there are alot of very similar parts that can be used. For example, they have lots of 50 cal. rifles at these shows, most already have the same basic butt shape and berrel. I was thinking, you can just get one of these barrels w/ muzzle tip. Get the body of it (the butt/etc) and just add the greeblies to it. If I remember correctly, they made that rifle for the alien movie the same way, from different gun parts.

Im pretty sure you can do something similar with the BR, it think. But you may need to scratch build alot of it. Ive also been looking for scopes that closely resemble the BR's as well.

Hmm that's a good question... I'm sure you could make it work, but it might be more work than just starting from scratch. The two guns aren't terribly alike, looks like maybe only grip could be used with some modification, same with the shroud.

Very nice pulse rifle, btw.
If you ask me, I would just use a FAMAS to make into a BR, since they are so alike in shape. Of course, if you do use the M1A1 as a base, it would be much more original.
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