Borderlands Themed Gun


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Hello, long time no post. I haven't really been working on anything worth posting but as the title suggests I have a new project while I thought I'd post. I recently picked up the new (at least Australian new) Nerf Alphahawk which is apart of the Accustrike series. It looked perfect for a new pain job So I decided on a Borderlands theme. It's my first time ever cel-shading a project So feed back is always much appreciated!

I didn't really think about taking photos of the build so I only have photos of the finished build but I'm happy to answer any question as well.

This the end product of what It looks like. maybe a few more marks to be added but I haven't quite decided yet.
A closer look at the frame and detail work on the gun.
You can't really see them all that well as they are in the barrel of the gun but there is a closer look at the bullets.

That's all I've got for now. I should have something new coming soon. Although I don't have in progress photos again (oops) I'll just post the end product. If you have any questions or feel back feel free to post them. I look forward to see what everyone thinks.


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Well done on the paint job. Painting like that is definitely a challenge and you knocked it out of the park!


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Very nice! Shading anything from Borderlands can be tricky to pull off. The bullets are a nice touch too (y)