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    Ok I know its been a while and this thread should be put to bed........but my daughter just sent me a bunch of pictures from this past summer that I totally forgot about and just had to share w/ you guys. An evening stroll on the boardwalk at Pier Village just to say hello......and maybe dance a little.

    IMG_5914.jpg.jpeg I love this place!!!!

    IMG_5910.jpg.jpeg IMG_5913.jpg.jpeg Tees, tanks, and shirtless and I'm in full armor.
    IMG_5895.jpg.jpeg The boy looks like he was thrilled to be here!!! IMG_5898.jpg.jpeg Everyone is looking at a different camera and my eyes were closed.
    IMG_5908.jpg.jpeg Just imagine turning around and seeing me sitting next to you.

    Next were poses:
    Wasn't sure which to go w/ .....the college prep look or....... Nouveau riche
    IMG_5901.jpg.jpeg IMG_5916.jpg.jpeg
    Now these guys actually hopped out of their car to take a picture......
    IMG_5903.jpg.jpeg IMG_5904.jpg.jpeg

    IMG_5905.jpg.jpeg By then I got a little hungry but they wouldn't let me in. Said I was over dressed........
    IMG_5918.jpg.jpeg Started posing outside of the gym......Not easy to do a Front Lat Spread in armor.......I did however manage to interrupt everyone's workout so.....Go Fire Team Off the Rails!!!!
    IMG_5919.jpg.jpeg Then I got tackled by this kid!!! Knew exactly who I was.....a transformer.........shesh!!!!
    IMG_5921.jpg.jpeg Did a little shopping......Think this fits?
    IMG_5929.jpg.jpeg Oh yes I did!!!!!!

    I know I promised you a dance......but I can't post it on the thread right now.....Ok so I think we can now put this thread to bed....Have a great summer everyone!!!!!

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    Can be vote on deleting the last picture? :)
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