CyberBen Spartan 019 Mark VI wip -FINISHED!-

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----- FINISHED! see pictures on pg 8 -----

Hello fellow 405TH'ers :),

I finally decide to do a wip thread, I started a blog post last year but I find the blogs is misused.

I came across this site in 2008 and love the idea of making me a spartan suit, so I started small, a H3 frag grenade the pep was nice but after fiberglassing it felt to big so i scrap it. Then I tried a low def Mark VI helmet, again the pep was nice but I didn't had the good paper so it warped when I resined it.


So since my peping skill was good enough i went for the HD Mark VI files. But has I was peping stuff and comparing it with my 12" McFarlane figure I realise it was missing some details on the HD files, not much on some like the bicep but a lot more on the belt/cod piece.

So I started to add the missing details on them

the finish pieces

The Cod piece

The back of the finish cod piece

As you can see I put a lot of details and this mean a its a slow proses cause to be honest I don't work on it every day, being the father of 2 and working full time, and all life put you in the way, my spartan build comes in last equal to playing video games. But I'm trying hard to finish it this summer.

That's it for now I'll post more pictures later
Looking forward to your new pics. Nice clean pepping and those finished pieces are amazing! They almost look like they belong to Mr. Longshot's suit. Excellent work, keep it up!
wow those finished pieces look like you pulled em off the action figure and just made the picture bigger. lol. good work hope life doesnt keep ya down, i would like to see this finished very much. also what did you use for the light in the bicep?
Thanks for all your good comments :)

@ Serepheth : life don't get me down, all I meant was: I'm not 14 living with my parents and nothing else to do is play video games and building armor. but if I was 14 again that's possibly what I would be doing :p

for the lights in the biceps its 1 blue LED 2x5x7 mm in a box made of balsa wood with silver paint inside, a switch and 3 calculator or watch battery's.

hopefully i took some picture of my setup.

and now, more pictures
a side view of my cod piece.

and the front.

my gloves.

helmet peped and resined.

at the bondo stage.

after the primer, more sanding, a couple layers of paints, double layer visors, 4 outside LEDs, 3 smaller LEDs inside and 2 computer fans oh and some craft foam for more details here is the final product.
This build is just amazing. I find myself looking forward to seeing more so much that I just added it to my short list. And as always thank you for sharing this work of art with us.
Thanks for the info man, gives me a few ideas for my armor. And all i meant was i hope you keep up the work and things dont keep you from finishing haha. All the pieces so far have been stunning.
Wow, that's just incredible! Extremely nice work! Is that craft foam padding inside the cod? And, you simply must tell, how did you do those details on the lower part of the "pouches?" And the detail parts of the strappy-things on the back?
I must say that is some VERY nice work ya got there. I like your attention to detail. Don't those 12 inch Halo figures really help out? hehe I love all of mine. XD LOL
Again thanks for the comments guys and girl :) its really appreciated.

@ Drgnfyre4 : coming from you its a honor. Ive seen your wip, a great build and awesome paint job. I hope my suit will fit me just as good as yours. How well do you see through your visor it looks pretty opaque ? and what do you put for under-armor ? the belly part look dead on

@ thorn696 : work of art, I like that :$

@ Serepheth : I forgot one thing for my lights, there a ¼ inch plexiglass with frosted paint (3 coats) over the LED, flush with the outside. hope this pic helps


@ ShadoKat : Yes there is 3/8 thick craft foam all around the inside to add comfort and because i'm a skinny guy. for the lower part of the pouches I'll explain with pics later, stay tuned. and for the "strappy-things" if I tell you it will break the magic :cool, try to guess what it is.

@ Halogoddess : Yes in deed those 12" figures are very helpful. your Kat armor in foam is really impressive, I never thought a foam build could be so nice.

More pics.

Helmet side details.


Inside lights and fans.

With is buddy legendary edition.

Left thigh with 4 LEDs on and a m6d i molded

The back view.

More to come, feel free to ask questions. :)
Every time I open this build I have to check to see if they moved to the Elite section yet....It will be soon. Needless to say looking great and getting better every day. Keep us posted.
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