Danielles Halo Reach Build (Pic Heavy)

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This has been YEARS in the making.
[this space is reserved for images of the completed suit]

19642675_1386717524746575_8451681712341098231_n.jpg 19510094_1386719564746371_3790188494608285408_n.jpg 19511563_1386717651413229_6883666363241831173_n.jpg 19554603_1386717674746560_5505972300506623310_n.jpg 19601237_1386717818079879_3638753757360584771_n.jpg

>Armour ---- done
>Undersuit - detailing in progress

Additional weapons/props/armour
>Magnun ------------ Built
>Assault Riffle ------ Planning
>DMR ----------------- Planning
>Rocket Launcher - Planning
>Sniper Rifle -------- Planning

>Pilot Helmet -------- Planning


For those of you who dont know who I am - Hello! I'm Danielle and these are my previous Halo suits:
14517669_769148766561725_4878284785154303508_n.jpg 14448922_770290336447568_8200916251429979531_n.jpg 17159140_1274842139267448_6355702130091686579_o.jpg
(Click to enlarge)

A Reach suit is something I planned to build before I built Chief or Kelly, and something I have been so slowly working towards since I started cosplaying nearly 5 years ago and now as January 2017 I finally started construction, although I'm late to start a thread because as you'll come to learn, I'm pretty garbage and remembering to post anywhere other than instagram.

I decided that for this build I would try my best to video document the build to release upon the completion of the suit so that people can see exactly how much goes into the build, and I plan not to leave out any of the frustrated crying the week of the con because I procrastinated and stuff like that. I wanted a true documentation of the entire progress, so upon completing the suit the build log will be available to view and will be linked here.

So with all that aside, my goal is a presentable enough to be worn (and worn well) suit for Sydney Supanova this June.

So far I have constructed the base of the shins and the left thigh.
Time wise I did all my unfolding and some rough scaling in January. On the 16th of February I managed to have both shins wearable, and today the 11th of March I finished the left thigh to a wearable point, neither have been detailed or cleaned up as of yet though.

If I'm being honest the shins are some of my messiest work, and I know exactly why, not building for a year will do that to you. The secret is dont stop building.
16682040_854052118071389_224434327533963086_n.jpg 17211900_863461477130453_5447480607292972434_o.jpg

I will try my hardest to remember to keep this updated, but honestly the best way to keep up would be instagram, although that wont be nearly as in depth as this will hopefully be so idk, if you're so inclined all my social medias are st the bottom and you can harass me to update this thread on all of them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this thread, hopefully this wasn't a total snooze. I'll be back soon to lull you all to sleep with my other thigh maybe tomorrow :)

Find me on social media:
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Will definitely be watching this thread. Funny that I just started following you on Instagram. I will enjoy watching your progress. Your previous suits look amazing.
I have both thighs complete minus additional details and clean up.

And I scaled my belt/cod armour ready to build tomorrow.

So far I've used 3 and a half sheets of foam, changed blades twice and used like 5 long glue sticks.

I'm still on the hunt for decent boot files.
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they look great so far. the boots maybe thr issue because I am not overly pleased with my boot file either.
Wow. 3 and a half sheets? Way to cram those suckers in there and use as much real estate as you can. Or does that include bad pieces that had to be redone?
they look great so far. the boots maybe thr issue because I am not overly pleased with my boot file either.
I actually cant even find a bad one. I dont have a file at all, so I'll be free-handing it at this point, which is also fine.

Wow. 3 and a half sheets? Way to cram those suckers in there and use as much real estate as you can. Or does that include bad pieces that had to be redone?
I'm only 5'5" so my armour is smaller than most, but I also cram it all on sheets, the less wasted foam the better! :D

I've scaled my belt and am about to print it and cut out the templates, I'm not exactly sure if I'm feeling the building today, I've wasted most of the day too by this point. Its already 2pm. Might just aim to have it all traced out and ready to just dive into the foam stuff next week. Unfortunately got a busy Friday and into the weekend so probably wont actually start the construction until Monday or Tuesday at the latest
heres a look at my belt unfold for those interested, and if im being honest I never learned how to unfold stuff properly, I'm just making this all up as a I go.

got it printed, might quickly make a paper version to size test it.
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For my Reach build I couldn't find foam boots either so I just used a pep boot file for the basic shapes and free handed the rest, but just free handing it from reference pictures is plenty fine as well, I just found having those basic shapes very useful personally.

As for the stuff you've done so far it's really freaking amazing! Do you know what helmet and extra attachments (shoulders, chest etc) you're doing? I don't think I've seen you say what you plan to do with that stuff yet.
Lol! Just noticed that your either standing in the tub, or your standing on the edge. Just had to make note of that one, because I did the same thing in my build thread. Stand up mirrors just aren't common enough, I guess. Looking good though, keep it up!
That would be Calk....... not grout......but close enough.......:D
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