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Drop Pod Update

Was very productive late last night at the workshop.
We've mostly put together the seat, finishing up the legs pieces at the bottom.
Still tons of work to be done, but it's awesome to see something start to come together.


Still lots and lots of detail to be added.

Make sure to check out our blog and viblogs. Always enjoy getting feedback.
Stay Tuned!

Looks comfy:)

and badass!


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Real Life Drop Pod update!

Hey everyone, just a quick update. We got the leg pieces painted with a "hammered steel" look to it. turned out pretty nice, and makes the seat pop out more from the rest of the pod.


stay tuned for our weekly Viblog!


ViBlog 11 is online!

Come check out our best viblog yet, and don't forget to subscribe and comment.

We also got a little present today.

(it's an airbrush)

Our PETG plastic also came ready for some vacuum forming action.
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Progress is looking great, guys! There are very few well done Halo fan films out there, so it's nice to see someone new stepping up to the plate with some great ideas and expertise. Keep it up!


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I've got one of these in solid gold. If I were a Helljumper I would want a hole in the seat and a flush feature added to my pod. It would see a great deal of useage each jump.

This is so cool man. Great work


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Sorry for the lack of weekly updates, everyone. The fall semester starting and the launch of Reach has slowed things down a bit;-/ BUT the drop pod is nearly complete. The teaser is going to be shot next weekend! Here's a pic of the pod with the new weapons racking:

more later!


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Hey everyone! We just shot the footage for our teaser a couple days ago. It will be a few weeks until it's complete, but here's a snapshot of our ODST in the drop pod!


Lee's working on a promo pic as we speak. Stay tuned for more.



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Hi there.
I've seen you have already began to shoot some footage...can't wait to see more.
Hope the models are at least useful.
Hopefully,if school is merciful,I'll be able to finish the elite soon.
Keep up the awesome work.
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