Exercise to get into it : An Unexpected Journey


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Pretty good activity week last week. Hit and almost or did double my exercise goal 6 times. Sunday was a rest day, so I just did some stretching. M-F went for a 1.5mi (~2.4km) walk each morning and added a 30-40min strength training routine each evening. Saturday I walked 3.1mi (5k) before doing yard work for several more hours.

2020-08-31 07.08.51.png

I want to keep this going this week as last week felt so productive and relaxing. Just putting on some music and Zombies, Run! while I walk has been a great time to get out of the house and give me time to think without distractions.


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Well I've avoided this thread for long enough. Yesterday I stumbled upon this app "Alter Titan" that's like a sci-fi rpg/PokeMon Go clone that uses excersize to level up your character. It's cheesy I'm sure, probably with poor gameplay mechanics, but if it gets me to excersize then I'm all for it.
My goal is to start with easy 15 minutes a day of simple excersize each day (e.g. pushups, situps, stretching). I'm hoping that I'll learn to like it and want to do more. At the very least let's stop looking like a desk jockey xD

This game also has "Platoons" so if enough of us got interested in trying it out we could potentially make a 405th platoon (though I don't think we can make it exclusive to our members) and then we could keep track of eachothers progress and inspire/encourage consistency :). I only got to download it this morning though, so I've no idea really if it's any good or not. Seems cool though.


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Been neglecting updating here lately and just posting to the fitness-crew on Discord.

I've been more successful than not in getting in my daily morning walk, but I've not been as consistent in getting in the afternoon session. Also started the gallon a day challenge last month as I'm debating trying the 75 Hard Challenge. Even if I don't end up doing it, there are some elements of the challenge I'd like to apply to my life and training, such as drinking more water, reading more, and the 2x's daily workouts with at least one of them outside.

I've been seeing the scale slowly drop, but I never felt any different. This week however I noticed that I needed to start wearing a belt because my jeans were too loose. Small win, but good motivation.