Alana Jayne

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Hello everyone! My is Alana, my friend Nick and i are planning our first armor build but we need some advice and help. Nick wants to build a Halo 3 Master Chief suit and I want to build the Praetor suit from DOOM 2016. We know little about EVA foam builds and would like some help.

I've looked for EVA foam files for the praetor suit but nothing comes up. If anyone would be willing to create them for me, I'd be so grateful. I would only modify the chest armor to have a "uniboob' like Dominique de Leon's DOOM cosplay.


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There's wonderfully tutorials out there for eva foam by punished props, evil ted, Andrew dft, and many more. All you have to do is trace the paper onto the foam, cut the pieces out with a VERY sharp knife that you keep sharpening, and glue the foam together. It will take some time but if your determined and don't give up you'll have it done in no time! Good luck and I'd love to see your progress when you start
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