Flamethrowers, Giant Spike Grenades, And Unsc, Oh My!

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gwahhh! *rubs head* I can't take this anymore! I'm going to build some armor and come back tomorrow, I advise others to do the same before headlines appear saying, "ENTIRE SITE PUT IN ASYLUM"
p0rtalman said:
Ah, THAT countdown...
thanks Dreadnought of Fury

Please, call me Dread :p

I'm excited to see whats going to happen tomorrow, more to see if I should grab a shovel and beat the person who faked the site if the site is indeed BS.

In fact, Im going to end every thread with a sig like most others!


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222notforu!!! said:
Soo.What is the countdown really for?I think its some little nerd who just wants to fake us all out

Me too, but I want to hope it is actually something. If not, I will hire a hacker to destroy his comp :p.
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Dreadnought of Fury said:
Me too, but I want to hope it is actually something. If not, I will hire a hacker to destroy his comp :p.
XD..destroy his computer hahaha.....All you have to do is get his IP address .That will tell you ALOT of info.
But whats the count down?The end of the world?New Halo game(prob not this)?
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i set a countdown timer widget to see. 18 hours left and itll sound an alarm and open up 405th.

lets see. thats approximately thursday, August 7th (8/7/08) at 7:16 PM CST

I'm curious as to what it is, but i'm having my doubts as to how epic this is going to be (if it is anything at all)
O, wait...I just searched it and a bungie.net page came up.They say its supposed to be a new bungie game where halo 3 leaves off called "Phionex" (dont know how to spell) Click Here
Phoenix was a game bungie made a while ago, while they were still making games for the mac.
But it could be a codename for there next project...
There's more info on Phoenix here, if you're after something to read and I believe these have something to do with the project as well.

As for this countdown... one thing to consider, if you haven't already, is that the counter is going off of your local time. So even if it is 7:18pm (or 7:19pm) it may not be the time that something is going to happen, if anything happens at all... if that makes sense, I just too this a couple of minutes ago to illustrate my point:

So I've got less than an hour to go before the timer ends... one of the advantages of being able to travel through time...
Hmm... I'm interested in seeing what the timer says, when it reaches 0...

The time is odd, too... o_O I still have 16 hours.

I'm still really confused... If nothing happens when it hits 0 ... I won't be surprised. :| Even though, I 'really' hope it does.
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