Flamethrowers, Giant Spike Grenades, And Unsc, Oh My!

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QUICK QUICK! Give me the winning lotto numbers and I promise I'll split it all 50/50!!!

and yeah i guess it depends where you access it from. i tried bouncing a connection through some international proxies and the times changed based on where i hit it.
This is what happens when it ends:

If you want to cheat you can set your computer's clock to 7:16pm and wait one minute.

There's a bunch of Whois type info on the site here... a Bungie ARG type site built with the Yahoo site builder seems a little odd, but I guess it's possible.
ill see what it does in TX in 17 hours. I went to the link and it keeps saying i need a plugin between firefox and WMP to listen in on the radio every time i hit listen.
I just now read through this whole thread.... Why is there a countdown? and what the bloody hell would it have to do with Adam, Walter, and Devin? I'm confused all of a sudden....

is there a chat goin on that I can intrude into?
i went to the same aussie site earlyer yester day :p but the phonex thing would make sense from some of the lines on that countdown website ^^ i think there was a chatroom that was started up last week i dont no what the link was though
ROFLMAO!!!!!!!! You guys look FABULOUS! XD

That just made my freakin day

Just gotta add in some backround music... like "It's Rainin' Men"
I would not suggest watching that video when you first wake up...

It's a little odd to have 2 men dancing around a pole, be that first thing you see... o_O
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