Props Foam Needler Commission WIP


hello everyone! I'm finally back posting threads on the forum after quite some time!
I recently got a commission to build a halo reach style needler
what I'm planning to do is build everything out of laser engraved EVA foam, similar to how I built my plasma rifle last year
with some differences, mainly making the shells smoother and rounder
so, I started sketching the basic blueprints to send it to the laser cutter
Screenshot (96).png

Screenshot (95).png

I still need to separate the main body/grip in the layers that will be cut/engraved

also, something that I need advice with is the needles, I've seen that a safe option to make the "needles", and also make them glow, is carving hot glue sticks
I just need a second opinion or confirmation of that method


Yesterday i sent everything to the laser cutter And stardet assembling everything
The cutting took a bit less than an hour for everything


I started to test out the lights as well

My heat gun died, and while it’s being repaired, i heatformed the shells on the stove... which was a stupid decision DO NOT DO THIS
Still, they came out pretty good
I still need to do a lot of sanding and finishing on the body of the needler