FoolyCoolyMans Jorge 052 Build

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(Latest Update Here:

Hey there 405th!

FoolyCoolyMan here, and this is my Second Armour build just after finishing my Private Donut Build.
(If your interested in how that turned out in the end take a look here:

Anyway I decided to make Jorge 052 (aka Noble 5) for the release of Halo Reach. I don't have long to do it lol but I'm trying hard to get everything done fast as i can lol :D

But So far I've peped:
chest piece (by AceHigh)

cod piece (By AceHigh)

Hand plates (By AceHigh)

and half the Gun Jorge Wields (By Ace High)


Along with an over sized an warped helmet that i wont use lol (By ForgedReclaimer)

I've also pepped Rundowns upper arm unfolded by mcprimus but don't have any photos to put up.
Also gonna start pepping the shoulder Rhinoc made soon. its gonna be interesting attaching it to the upper arm lol. I'm planning to Rondo the Armour once I've finished peppin an an hardening the pieces, as i hate fiberglass lol.

But thats it for now, But stay tuned for more updates an photos.

Comments are appreciated and any help would be awesome :D
Btw does anyone have reference pictures of Jorge from the back? i can't seem to find anything


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slow down! slow down! ive gotta catch upppppppp
ahahahah im joking man.. but you've done alot ! looks pretty sweet :D
game traders is gonna be awesome when we rock up with kat and jorge!



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Duuuuude! i literally just saw your thread. Your upper arm is soo way better than mine lol. mines tiny compared. so i need to redo that. but yea. I'm holding off the other pieces of armour to re size them in 3dsmax as they're to wide for me lol. so I'm back onto the gun for a bit. Bought Bondo today to start rondoing handplates an chest tomoro morning.



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FoolyCoolyMan your progress is amazing! I hope i can get as much done as you as quickly as you! so far for mine i just have the shoulder attachment and starting on the gun plate....cant wait to see yours done man!


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Epic chest piece!

Ditto! The chest piece looks perfectly scaled to your frame. :D Kudos! If you pumped these pieces out this quickly, Lord only knows what you can get done in time for Reach!


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Sweet job so far, your pep modles look really nice and clean. Amazing work so far. I can't wait for the rest of the armor to be completed. Great job and good luck on the rest of the armor.


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Quick Update time

No Pics for the moment lol but I've just finished resining the chest the gun pieces I've made and now I'm a little stuck. The Files i have (and using) are a little big for me even when scaled to me so I've thrown AceHighs Files and altered the Thigh and Gauntlet in 3dsMax and Unfolded them again. So now the thigh an gauntlet wont be as big on me... Not sure if i should do it on the shins aswell... they look as though i should resize them but i dont really have the time to do it lol. But anyway I'll have pics up of what iv'e done soon :D

@penutbuttrbandt: Hey If you give me your email I'd be fine to Email it to you

@markanator13: Im soo happy someone gets my user name lol. I thought no one would EVER get where its from lol. Thanks. The gun is getting bigger an bigger as i build the pices lol....

@everyone else: Thanks for the comments and Encouragement everyone. Your all super awesome! :D

Back to peppin now...


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it's fooly cooly, wait... no ...... stop...."crash" my head!. why did you hit me with your guitar?


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Ive noticed with the AceHigh files that they have to be scaled to your body measuring the part where it has to go and then double and triple checking it via paper and the file.

Good luck on the rest of the build man can't wait to see it done!


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That chest looks pretty awesome pepped up. Nice work. Look forward to the finished piece.


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Update... with Photo's...

Okay! I shall let my photos do most of the talking for now...


Rondoed most of the gun now... but alot of warpage is occurring. hopefully bondo will fix that.

But i Still need to pep the handle part... an Im going to make the plate part out of wood as i can't pep it without it warping...

I Reckon My Hand plates look alright so theyre ready for little bondo... little paint:

Heres the Result of editing AceHighs Thigh Piece:

Partly Rondoed the Chest Piece and Cod Piece:


But right now i need your help everyone, I believe my shins aren't looking right with my thigh piece... so now im not sure if i should edit the shins aswell an... slim them down... So what does everyong think? Shins are a no go? or need some sort of editing?



Your Help will be REALLY helpful everyone :)

SO thats the update for now so Im back to pepin the gauntlet an hitting people with my bass guitar ;)
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