Functional Tactical Soft Case sewing tutorial

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I made the tac soft case for my Jun cosplay, it’s a beginner level project, sewing machine is recommended though you could do it without a if you have a thimble.

This case is lined with a pocket and key ring inside. Though they are both optional.

1/2 yrd each of canvas and lining
3 yrds of 1” webbing,
5” of 1/2” webbing,
3’ bias tape
3 plastic buckles
6” zip
D ring and
I sculpted the Y joint out of styrene and worbla


The pattern:
PLEASE NOTE: SEAM ALLOWENCE IS NOT INCLUDED. Its easiest to trace the true shape onto your fabric then add seam allowance.
(grid is in inches)

Step 1:
cut out all the pattern pieces in both your outer fabric and inner lining. So you have 6 pieces in total.

Step 2:
sew the front to the side of each type of fabric. Sew slow around the corners then notch them so they are smooth.
then topstitch over the front.

Step 3:
Now we add all the details to both inner and outer peices.

3a: The outside gets a lot of webbing
all the red lines are where you sew.

3b: The lining details are optional:
the D-ring is simply attached with webbing.
to add the zipper you'll need to cut the back piece of lining in two 6 inches from the bottom.

to sew in the zipper, you will need a zipper cut down to 6". then sew small scraps of lining to both ends of the zipper

Next, center the zipper on one part of the back piece and sew right sides together. then repeat with the second back piece. topstitch over the zipper.
5 - Copy.jpg
6 - Copy.jpg

Thats the main parts of the details done. next it all gets sewn together.
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So now you should have both fronts ready to sew together.

Step 4:
pin the two right sides together along the top and sew them.

Then fold the fronts right side out and top stitch.

Step 5:
sew the backs together wrong sides together, keep in mind the zipper should be closer to the bottom of the bag.

Next sew a line right down the halfway so the pocket doesn't go into the front flap.

we can finally attach them both together. though its gonna look janky before it looks nice.
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Step 6: pin front and back sides together so the raw edges are facing out and sew.
to keep the sides even its best to sew from the center of the bottom and work up the sides.

sewing around the corners is difficult so make sure you've used lots of pins. and go slowly. you may want to go over the corners a couple times or baste them to make it easier.

Step 7: Trim the seam allowance to 1/4" to prep for bias tape.

Step 8: Bias tape.
so I'm not amazing at sewing bias tape and as a result I end up with a good side and a bad side. if you are the same then consider the sides that are on display and line up your stitches to that side. I am wrapping the bias tape all the way around the back piece to bind all the raw edges.
(if you have never used bias tape before and this is all too confusing maybe watch a youtube vid on how it works)

Step 9:
add the last bits of webbing and sew on the buckles
the last bits of webbing are just tabs sewn on with X's that show on the front of the pouch.

sew the top of the buckles onto the webbing. the adjustable end of the buckles doesn't get sewn on (because its adjustable)

Step 10: the Y buckle on the front.
you can actually buy splitters for webbing but here's how I made mine:
i cut the shapes out of 2 sheets of styrene (one would've been too thin)

then i wrapped the styrene in worbla and threaded the worbla through the buckle to attach it.

after carving away access worbla and some clean up it looked like this so I sewed it on.


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The tac soft case turned out very professional looking!
Thankyou for taking the time to put together a great tutorial for it
It is one I’ll be keeping in mind if I need to make some halo bags in the future.
Nice. And very generous of you to take the time to do the tutorial. I know that can make a 5hr project 3 days. Very much appreciated.
And I just happen to need to make one of this for a commission, perfect timing!

Beautiful work as always
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