Halloween's coming up, what are you wearing?


My MC build that I finished tonight lol. In that pic the chest isn't strapped yet but you get the point lol.



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I had my celebrations yesterday (Saturday FTW)
I went in my own halo suit. Heres what it looked like:


The suit is still way unfinished, as the entire project is only 3 weeks old, but it's not too shabby for my time constraints.

It was quite fun to go around in it, i even went into the local grocery store and bought some cheetos in it. I also ended up getting alot of compliments for it, so I cant wait to see how many I get when I'm finished.

Happy Halo-ween!


I went as a zombie hag:


More photos at:

I am semi-proud of this. Semi because I like the way the intestines turned out, but also because unfortunately I was really rushed with the face/body makeup. I didn't get to use my liquid latex, gelatin, or ripped-off cheek ideas that I really wanted to, plus the colors all blended badly and nothing looks gangrenous at all. So I am le sad. But that's what I get for rushing... =\

HOWEVER! I did have a blast. Many people on State Street were frightened of me, or grossed out, and they'd come to take their picture with me, and they'd be grossed out enough, but then I'd start chewing off pieces of "flesh" from the arm I was holding, and then they REALLY flipped their lids. Randomly stalking people and attacking windows of bars and restaurants was a lot of fun, too.