Halo CE Master Chief build thread!

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Beginning my next build - OG Master Chief! The original, Dreamcast-looking one. Its going to be a mix between 3D printing and eva foam.

Starting with the helmet and some color testing.

Helmet file is MoeSizzlac . Going to sand it all down this weekend.

I also did some color testing...


Not much to actually test, got it down first try... Its hard to show the comparison, but I feel I really got it down pat, or, at the very least, close enough. Mixture is 2 part Clear Green to 1 part Clear Yellow, both Tamiya, sprayed over a silver base.

I should have more to show off soon!
Whew lad, had some paint issues... The paint wasn't sticking to the primer for some reason and I couldn't make the same color mix again... Please disregard the color mix I posted earlier until I figure it out.

I THINK I know what happened... The original Clear Green I used was already mixed with thinner from the last project I used it on. Then I will mixed Clear Yellow and then even more thinner. Which makes sense since I had mix a lot of yellow tonight...

Tomorrow, I'm going to re-primer the helmet, then repaint with a mix that uses the same process as my first mix. 2:1 Clear Green and thinner -> 2:1 previous mix and Clear Yellow -> 2:1 previous mix and thinner. I could probably streamline it, but I feel the color I got was perfect, so I'm going to replicate that exact process.

Anyway, it's ruined, but at least its a preview of what it will look like when corrected.
Man I can’t wait to see this finished. Combat evolved will always have a special place in my heart. Came out when I was in high school had my first job and used my first pay check to buy and Xbox and halo.
Man I can’t wait to see this finished. Combat evolved will always have a special place in my heart. Came out when I was in high school had my first job and used my first pay check to buy and Xbox and halo.
There's definitely a nostalgia for the classic CE look, and that's what I want to replicate. I can make it look "cooler", but nah, I want to make it look like it stepped out of the XBox.
I messed around with the paints and man, I was so far off with the formula, needed a lot more Clear Yellow than I thought. I really don't know what was up with the original Clear Green I used, but I think I have it now. I may have to mess with the formula a bit more, since I was spending the mix while adding more yellow. BUT, what I have now should be in the ballpark. I'll post it when I need to make another batch and confirm it. (Disregard the text on the eva foam...)


In the meantime, the helmet's paint job is done!



Real happy with it now! I also wired up lights and fans. Which get installed last, after visor and padding.

HELMET IS DONE! Also printed a Magnum! Somethings are a bit iffy, but still proud on how it turned out. Electronics are a bit messy, but with the nape/back neck piece being a separate part from the get go, I had to cram everything in the jowls, jaw, mouth, etc.

This is my problem solver

This is my other problem solver. Still one of the best controller designs.
Oooh that is a nice color! I went with Montana avocado green metallic with a acrylic black wash to get the anniversary color on my Moe helmet this week. I went a little heavy on the black but I love it still.
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