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Sorry to go a little off the rails here but I just saw something while in Infinites multiplayer that made me very happy!
While this is not a spoiler in the sense of story, it is something Incredible that some may wish to witness first hand.

Started my first BTB game on the map Highpower which turns out to be a total control game. Cool.
About 3/4ths the way through I get blown out of a wasp and as the death cam pans up I see a beautiful UNSC frigate on station over the map.
Respawn and the first thing I look for is the frigate but thats not the first thing I see. There, across a valley is a CAS assault carrier. My jaw is dangling at this point, I find the frigate over my right shoulder.
A hint of blue from the frigates bow builds into a bright glare and I can see what is about to happen. Its MAC fires and I follow the streak of light to the CAS and see its shields ripple from the impact.

I was in awe the whole time, unintelligible sounds being made as I watched this unfold.
GG 343

Halo ship lovers rejoice!
Saw that in a vid the other day and my jaw hit the floor at how magnificent it was. Even if the shot just dissolved on the shield it's a really nice action piece for the background. Gg indeed 343

Wicked Demon 15

Printing TPU successfully after 4 hours of trial and a whole lot of error. The solution was switching over to the TPU material option in CURA. I wish I'd done that when I started!

While I fix up a few things with this new filament and print one of those squishy octopuses, I'm left to wonder how awful it would be to print parts of the undersuit and attach them to a foam or fabric base.
I'll be curious to that as well. I'm loving the one that The Wardrobe Armory on Instagram made.


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I was feeling nostalgic the other day and wanted to print the needler from Combat Evolved. This was my first introduction the the franchise, I remember watching my father play the second level of C.E. with a needler in hand. this memory is one of the most vivid I have and after looking for the classic model I found what I think is the original in all of its low poly glory.
Screenshot (54).png
I've begun adding more polygons and details that are just textures in game. I want to keep the barrel and little nubs on the bottom chunky as it reminds me of the good ol days and gives it more organic + mechanical vibe. Will there be lights and a tray to put a block of blamite into? maybe....


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Screenshot (55).png

The needles are an edit of the Halo Reach .obj and are just a placeholder for the moment. Might go for a more simple shape like CE down the road and try casting them out of resin. What's left now is a bit more detailing along the top and under the handle. There are some textures that look like buttons or bolts and connections between each opening on the top almost like embedded wires.

Everything is already separated into components, I will need to clean the connections up a little and add support pegs before printing.
Screenshot (56).png
There's an opening in the hand guard so I should be able to secure the handle to the top, lower that through the middle and then secure the bottom to everything.


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Happy holidays everyone, I bring good tidings and information! bed leveling on my Ender-5 has been the biggest issue with the printer. Its limited the area I could comfortably print on and caused me to rely on rafts for most of my prints. Just got in a glass bed for it ( 235mm x 235mm, fits the Ender-3s too) and after running a leveling print test, I see that my print bed is warped! This explains why I could get perfect results on one side but never the other even after spending half an hour adjusting the nozzle height.

Look at this!

.2mm layer height. Needs a little adjusting still to get the lines to melt together a bit more but its actually flat now! Unboxed the new surface, wiped it down with some isopropyl, set my Z axis home down a few mm and boom.

I've also learned that I set my slicer settings incorrectly and the printer isn't utilizing the whole bed.


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Back in black
No action sack

Can you help me find my,
Fanny pack

Yes I, miss my teal
What's the deal

Still I keep hanging around

I can grapple to the sky
Sidekicks making me cry

Drop the ravager and let it die

I made platinum 4
No more

Sick of ranked let me find my own way

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